Apeworld on Fire - Sibling

I am reading Apeworld on fire: What a great scenario it is. It is so funny!

Still, at page 13 where there are the stat for Sibling, I see their DEF is 16*.

Unfortunately I do not see what * means for Sibling anywhere. do you have any clue?

Thank you very much!

Ciao from Italy

Uh? Nobody?

I think it's to draw your attention to this ability:
"Anti-Mystical: +1 Defense vs. Creature Powers and Sorcery attacks."


Ok! it could be good.
What's about Guns and Martial Art attacks, for example?

He uses his normal Defense of 16 vs Guns and Martial Arts. His anti-mystical ability (listed on page 13) gives him Defense 17 vs Sorcery and Creature Powers.


Clear! Thank you very much to everyone!