Apotropaic Mastery help

I was creating a maga with Flawless Magic and i saw the Apotropaic Mastery but couldn't undestand how it exactly works.

"It allows the caster to add his (Mastery Score x Hyerarchy Score) to the level of effect produced by the mastered spell. This may only be taken for spells that affect Infernal Might directly, such as Demon's Eternal Oblivion or Circular Ward Against Demons. Spells like Aegis of the Hearth that do bot specify the type of Might they target are ineligible." RoP:I p.123

Assuming a Hyrearchy Score of 1, does this means that a Demon's Eternal Oblivion Level 5 could destroy 15 Might instead ? And is the level of the spell modified for purposes such as casting it ? Or did i got it wrong?

(English is not my first language, so i'm sorry if i made any spelling mistake.)

If you know Demon's Eternal Oblivion at level 5, and have a Spell Mastery score of 1 in that spell, with the Apotropaic Mastery special ability chosen, then if you successfully cast the spell on a demon it will take effect as a level 5+(1x1) spell (assuming a Hierarchy score of 1), so it will remove 6 points of Might from the demon rather than the standard 5 points.

You still cast the spell at its normal level, so your Penetration won't suddenly get a lot worse just because you took this Spell Mastery ability.

I would think it would add to the effective level after it was cast, or it would be counterproductive as you weakened your penetration boosting the spell.

Yes. And assuming you get your Hierarchy score by hunting demons and not being an infernalist, it basically means that for each demon you destroy, your reputation / hierarchy increases, and your spell becomes more potent. If you're also investing in spell mastery at the same time, you become exponentially more potent.