applicants to the covenant

This thread is being started for the teacher quest, but may be used later if other NPC's have the potential to be applying for admittance to the covenant. Anyone so submitted would become a redshirt grog if accepted- trivial roles such as carter, servant, or laborer can be added without this process.

Dear Christopheos,
I had heard you had taken some sort of journey the nature of which I was unclear of, I am glad to hear you are in good health, and while I am glad to hear you have been made master of an educational institution, find myself wondering at the choice to start up such an institute at your stage in life.
Despite this reservation I do have one student, Niketas, who I believe would do well in your institution. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic scholar, but one whom I believe would benefit with a separation from the more urban institutions. He is a decent instructor and has the potential to become a very skilled author. I believe you will understand the specific nature of why I believe he would be best suited to your circumstances when you meet him.
Sincerely, Isais

Dear Christopheros,
I am writing in support of a student who wishes to apply to teach at your school. They go by the name Dositheos, and are well versed in the classics and a wonderful teacher. I have done some research into the community in which you find yourself, which seems full of revolutionary ideas, and it is on this basis that I feel Dositheos will find a good match in your employ.
With warm regards, Hypatios

Dear Christopheros,
Zacharius has been a good student, but is having to leave his education a bit early due to some unforeseen personal complications. While he is too young to work in a university environment or standard school, I believe the focus on younger children at your institution may allow him to serve there. The time away from a more traditional educational path means he will never be able to serve a more traditional role, but I believe this opportunity would be better for each of you than for him to take a clerks position, and in any case it is essential that he relocate.

My Dear Christopheros,
I must apologize for Leontios' application to teach at your school, I had mentioned your position to another of my students and he overheard and applied. While Leontios does in fact have the qualifications which he mentioned in his letter, and he is a student of mine in good standing, he is also overly ambitious, and as such has been the source of some disruption to the class. I feel this could be problematic for a respected teaching position and he should probably spend some time as a clerk in order to better learn a more tempered approach toward seeking his dreams.

Dear Christopheros,
I am given to understand that Samuel has applied for a teaching position at your fledgling school, and I must confess to a certain confusion in this development. Samuel has been an excellent student, though I do sometimes wonder at his claims to have grown up speaking classical Greek. He seemed well positioned to go to university and pursue a career towards becoming a doctor in philosophae, but when he heard me reading of the opportunity at your out of the way school for children became very excited and has apparently sought a position there. Is there something going on at that school I should be aware of before recommending other students?

My good ???,

Thank you for informing me of this. Do you feel that I would be doing a disservice to Leontios and yourself by interviewing him? He wold certainly have to work hard at convinving me that he is a suitable candidate, and I could help teach him some humility by assigning him a beginners' class. A few years teaching basic letters and the Trivium might temper him somewhat.

Honored colleague ???,

I am not aware of any rumour of what would be going on at my new school, although I do have hopes that someday it reaches the renown and fame of a great institution. Perhaps the more remote location is something that Samuel desire? I shall endeavour to learn more about why he is so keen on joining us, and will let you know. As for reccomending other students, by all mean please do so if you feel that would be approriate for their level and temperament. Although I have only a small number of positions open at this time, it is my belief that my school is destined to grow in the coming years.

Dear Christopheros,
I am writing to you in regards to Cyra, a recent student at our institution. Despite being female she was allowed to study with the understanding she would go on to college to study the medical arts. It was a narrow vote however, and I believe her failure to pass her exams may have had less to do with her abilities and more to do with her gender. I understand that the community you are establishing your school within has very unusual views regarding the role of women in society, and while I might enjoy a debate in general as to those merits- from either side, you understand, I do enjoy debate- I feel like the position you offer may be her best option going forward and she would certainly be an asset to your school.

It would do neither me nor Leontios a disservice by interviewing him, and certainly if he is hired his disposition is up to you. While he is generally open about his ambitions, he has developed a bit of a reputation at the school for underhanded methods in advancing his own agenda that I felt you should be aware of. If you are considering him it might be best for you to discover more in the interviewing process.

It may be that Samuel prefers a remote location, it has been noted by may that he does seem to require a bit of alone time, and there are indeed many times when he simply cannot be found, though this never interferes with his academics. Aside from this however he has always seemed partial to the culture and educational opportunities of a more urban environment. Perhaps he believes your new school will offer some balance of his needs. In any case I will stay on the lookout for new students who might be interested in your school.

Christophoros will call Samuel and Cyra to interviews. He also plans on calling Leontios, although he will keep him for last.

BTW, you begin all the letters by mispelling Christophoros' name. :stuck_out_tongue: