Appreciation for Authors!

I thought I'd occasionally comment here when I found something really neat by an Ars author. (I might also villify them if I find something awful! :stuck_out_tongue:). Last night I ran Warring Families from Tales of Mythic Europe with a couple of new to Ars players, and we had a great time. Excellently tightly plotted adventure with loads of potential, Alex did a fine job here. It's easy to fit in to most parts of Mythic Europe, all the major characters are statted for you and the one supplement it draws heavily upon is not needed really as all the rules you need to run the scenario seem to be in their I think. Good job Alex, you are appreciated!

I am not sure of who wrote it, but I am loving the Tower bit of Hermetic Projects.

I also loved the Rise and Fall adventure in TOME (built a whole saga around it) and the Lady Martha one, that proved a very enjoyable one and the source of much soap opera for us. We also liked the Maris character in MoH (widely used IMS) as well as many others that have appeared as NPC allies and enemies. Aurulentus has been a recurring and unexpected villain IMS after he fell out with Marie ex Tremere in a tribunal meeting in Hibernia.

Loved the concepts of Enriched items and the whole design of ROP:I

From the top of my head :slight_smile:


Mark Lawford.

In most ArM5 books, including this one, the credit page says who did what. The exceptions are the books that are so collaborative that it's not possible to sensibly assign one bit to one author.

Today I'm using HoH: Mystery Cults, and really enjoying the amazing range of options and sub-cults in the Merinita section, so thought I'd take the time to thank Erik Dahl who wrote this and did a fabulous job in my opinion. It still makes my head hurt, but there are so many options and so much potential it's making me giddy and confused, but heck you get your moneys worth from this chapter! Great stuff :slight_smile:

cj x

Thanks, CJ! I feel exactly the same way about The Mysteries, Revised Edition, in fact. Great job! I especially like all the evocative bits about how mystagogues treat potential initiates. I always start rubbing my hands together giddily when players express interest in their character joining a cult. :slight_smile:

I very much appreciate the new take on House Tremere in HoH:TL. I found previous interpretations of the house too antagonistic to the point where they were obvious villains rather than protagonists. The new take adds a much needed 3rd dimension that is much more playable. A Tremere amicus is a friend for life - such is the house ethos on loyalty.

I'd like to thank all the authors (and the editor(s)) responsible for the 5th ed Tribunal books. They are universally amazing. I like almost all the 5th ed books, but those ones stand out for their sheer depth of research and breadth of scope.


I'd like to thank them for making each Tribunal book different, both in how they focus on their respective areas and how the books are laid out.