Apprentices and Arcane Connections.

I was just thinking about something. An apprentice is with his Parens for fifteen years and in that time he is considered the property of the master. This makes it absurdly easy to get a permanent arcane connection to him. So is there anything really stopping a crazy magus from taking apprentices then storing a absurd amount of magical penetration in his basement just in case? As long as he claims he hasn't used them to scry there is not much anyone could prove and just having a Arcane connection to someone doesn't seem to be a problem until you use it.

Two things that would discourage a parens from taking this approach are that 1) it does not really foster a good relationship with the filii and 2) it exposes said filii (and, by association, the parens) to a degree of danger from anyone who might steal the connections. In my saga, that's exactly what Tremere did, and how the Sundering took place. But yes, if you are a paranoid parens, it's definitely both easy and legal to do it.

Take in mind this swings both ways. Living with your master for 15 years it would be absurdly easy for an apprentice to gather arcane connections to his master as well. Discard hair, blood from lab accidents, skin flakes, stools, etc. Of course the apprentice isn't going to have anything like the opportunity to fix these connections which is when they become really useful.

Consider though that "blood and hair" are listed as having a lifespan of "years" on the AC chart - so you really only need to get the AC in the last few years of the apprenticeship, and then fix it as the first thing you do after you graduate. (After getting a lab, of course.)

Just get the AC prior to gauntlet, a strand of hair lasts for "months" duration. I roll 1d12 to determine actual duration. So if the connection lasts or can be extended with CrVi magic, and the newly gauntleted magus can get access to a pawn of Vim and a Hermetic lab, you have a fixed AC.

I wholeheartedly disagree, except in the case of a very trusting and naive master. The situation is not symmetrical, it does not "swing both ways". The master chooses what the apprentice does and does not do, not the other way around. The master can easily pry into the mind of the apprentice to verify that he's not done anything improper. The master can use magic to prevent anyone (including the apprentice, but also servants etc.) from gathering arcane connections, the apprentice cannot, at least early in his training. And so on. This does not mean that it's impossible for the apprentice to gather arcane connections to the parens - it's just far, far more difficult than the other way around.

In the HBO Ars Magica saga, all of the PCs were apprentices and their first lab activity was fixing an arcane connection to themselves for their parens. Apprentices are valuable; they can wander off, get abducted, or insist on pesky adventuring. It's perfectly reasonable for a magus to have an arcane connection to his apprentice. Ours got used more than once, both to find the apprentice with InCo spells and to open arcane tunnels.

Now, if the magus wants to be especially cool about it, he could give the connection back after Gauntlet. Some Houses (Tremere, Tytalus) might be less likely to do this.

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Thank you. I really like this thought.