Apt Students in the 'new' Errata and Teaching Assistants

Help me clear this up please! Apt student reads in the recent errata as

Apt Student (p. 40): Replace the second sentence with "When being taught or trained by someone else, add five to the Source Quality".

How does this modifiy things if there are multiple students being taught at once? There is only one source quality shared by the pupils, modifying it should affect the advancement of the others. And I love that! Having that one kid in class can really improve the performance of the whole class regardless of the teachers ability to convey knowledge based on my IRL experiences, so it checks out, for me at least.
But taken to the logical extreme a Bonisagus with teaching 5 can conscript 20 of these kids, chain them to their desks, then convey his entire knowledge base about Magic Theory to their covenant with a +100 bonus to source quality... And thats just absurd.

Can one teach supernatural abilities like this?
Can one teach anything at all like this or am I missunderstanding something fundamental?

I think best of both worlds would be if this was how it worked, but could not be stacked so that only a single teaching assistant may provide a +5 bonus at any time.

Please share your thoughts!

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The errata is merely to correct confusion as to whether it applies when being trained using the training rules. How I read this virtue is that the teacher generates a source quality which is the same for all students then each student affects that source quality with their own virtues and no one else’s virtues. So the student with Apt Student gets a +5 whereas the student with an affinity gets xp equal to source quality x1.5 and the student with neither merely gets the source quality. If all these gifted students’ virtues affect each others’ ability to learn then things could easily get out of hand.