Aquarian Magical Companion:

Name: Aquarian
Int 0 Per 0
Pre 3 Com 1
Str 2 Sta 1
Dex 1 Quick 1

exiled atlantean(minor-1)
anchored to the sea(minor-1)
environmental sensitivity- desert like air(minor-1)
magical friend(minor-1)
curse of Venus(major-3)

well traveled(minor+1)
unaffected by the gift(minor+1)
improved characteristics(minor+1)
improved characteristics(minor+1)

Voice of the Ocean (minor 1)
Greater Power:Decree of the Atlantean (major3)
Greater Power:Murmur of the Deep (minor 3)
natural appearance:() (major3)
focus power (major 3)
improved defense (minor 1)
improved defense (minor 1)

Occitian 5 (fishermen)
Latin 5 (magi)
shapeshifter 4
single weapon 5 (longsword)
thrown weapon 4 (Javelin)
leadership 5 (combat)
arabic 5 (fishermen)
area lore 3 (Mediterranian)
folk ken 1 (fishermen)
intrigue 1 (Magi)

Long sword, full plate and mail

Shapeshifting forms:
Dolphin, shark, eel, turtle

Combat statistics:
Init:2, Attk:11, def:12, dmg:8, soak:11, encumberance:1

Looks good, in general. But can an Atlantean have natural appearance? They're listed in RoP:M as having monstrous appearance.

I am mindful that having a monstrous appearance would limit his or her usefulness. Are you positing that there are some Atlanteans that are close enough to human that they could pass for one?

according to ROP:M magical humans cannot have magical appearance, because it is inherent to all magical humans who do not have natural appearance, so I'm not sure what exactly to do when a book ignores its own rules but to ay "well I guess these are guidelines, not rules"

The thing is it breaks its own rules twice, first by having a magical human with a monsterous appearance, then again by issuing a "surface form" quality/virtue which cannot be found anywhere in the book, but seems to correspond to "human form" as a power, except hat that also can only be taken by magical animals. I decided to forego the kludge and make the huan natural form the native form and utilize shapeshifter to create aqueous forms. It does mean there isn't a half human-half fish form, but I've kind of designed this to be a "noble class" Atlantean and hoped that covered the differences.

I can work with that. Though I'd prefer if Atlanteans looked a little exotic (not a carbon copy of Northern Europeans). Not inhuman, but a little exotic.

Also, if you like, you can take a mer-form by buying a variant of the Human Form power, much like in RoP:M. You don't have to. But you would be considered odd and to be pitied by your fellow Atlanteans if you were unable to assume such a form.

Considering my mage is green and doesn't have a flaw to cover that (rather it is a side effect of her strong faerie blood) can we simply describe his appearance as being pale-bluish (which does actually occur amongst humans with rare genetic conditions- essentially meaning their blood gets enough oxygen for survival but not enough for normal coloration) and a lower than average (clammy) skin temperature?

That'll work.