Arcane Connection 15: Bundle of Holding People Look Here!

The new episode of Arcane Connection podcast is up! Tom and I are trying to cover basics for anyone who has picked up the Ars Magica 5th pdf with the current Bundle of Holding. If you could do all you can to tweet, share and publicise this one I'd be really grateful, as we are trying to help potential new ars players find some of the resources available for them!

The podcast is at ... 1_22-08_00

This week Bundle of Holding is offering a chance to get a number of fine games on pdf, and also help good causes. One of those games is Ars Magica 5th edition, and the next Bundle of Hodling which goes up on Tuesday March 4th 2014 will make a number of 4th edition Ars Magica rpg supplements available.

In this special episode of Arcane Connection CJ and Tom discuss useful stuff for people trying out the game for the first time through this offer, where to find help and resources in learning the game, and the compatability of 4th ed supplements with the 5th ed rules - (high!).

In the last 5 minutes they return to normal topics, with reference to Hooks, Faith & Flame: Provence and a new issue of Sub Rosa.

CJ's Essay on Setting Up Your First Saga can be found at ... -part-one/

CJ's Useful Tool for Learning Ars Magica the Magic System is here (slide show): ... ying-game/

Project Redcap can be found at

Sub Rosa fanzine can be found at

The Atlas Games forum is at viewforum.php?f=4

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