Arcane Connection Podcast 12: Halloween up now

As usual apologies for spamming the list, but our latest Arcane Connection Ars Magica podcast is up. This week is a little longer than usual -- a Halloween special with Ars Magica author Ben McFarland, on supernatural horror and ghosts in Ars Magica. Please do comment here if you listen. Really enjoyed talking to Ben and making up for the disaster earlier tonight, and the new microphone proved really useful! ... 1_57-07_00

Many thanks to Leonis Bjornaer for all his help :slight_smile:

cj x

A very interesting discussion. Can you tell us where the ghost who throws the guy over a hedge comes from?

The Bylands manuscripts as I recall - ... d_4078572/ these days. M.R.James translated them in '22 I think, and covered them in [i]Twelve Medieval Ghost Stories /i. They are mentioned in most of the standard works on medieval apparitions I think, and I have written on them, but probably best easily accessible article is this Jacqueline Simpson's "Repentant Soul or Walking Dead?; on Medieval Ghosts" from Folklore journal, and I think c. 2003 You can certainly download this as a free pdf because I have recently - just Google the title and you will find it, I just did, but can't work out how to link it here. If someone can please do! I seem to recall looking at some papers on this in the James archive, but can't recall any details.

If thing M.R.James interest anyone, I think A Podcast to the Curious might be a fun Halloween listen.

I'm very tedious on ghosts, but always willing to try and answer questions if I can. Thanks for listening to Arcane Connection!
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Here's a link where the article can be found: ... %3F%22.pdf

Thanks Arthur -- it is as I recall very readable, and of interest! Simpson wrote a good book on British folklore, The Lore of the Land - ... 0246117893

Plenty of inspiration in those.

Oh and for anyone who has missed some AC episodes, they are all listed here: ... podcast%29

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