Arcane connection question

Hi all,

I have a question. Does the target to an arcane connection effectively have an arcane connection to his various connections?


Man has hair. Hair is seperated from his head. If he wants to cast a spell on his seperated hair, does he get various bonuses for having an arcane connection?

Basically, I have always thought that arcane connections are two way. A person is a connection to his seperated hair and vice versa.

Anything in game rules/lore that says otherwise?

There isn't anything definitive in RAW, with the exception of the talisman.

Need to consider the effects on the saga if you want a magus to leave his hairs all over the place to allow him to create opportunities for shenanigans.

Story-wise, being able to locate and destroy all your lost hairs is not interesting.


The part is the whole, but the whole is not the part.

I thought this was stated explicitly somewhere, but I claim Noble's Parma for the time being.