Arcane connections and magic items questions

Got a question on arcane connections. Is there any spell that would allow you to cut a person and teleport the resultant drops of blood to yourself?

Also my current magus fights with a spear and uses a variant of 'Retrive the Blooded Shaft' to gain arcane connections. If I made the spear a magic item would MR resist it even when used mundainly. I.e. I stick a bolt of lightning spell in it.

Core rule book has "Wound that weeps". level 15 creates a wound that bleeds profusely at voice range. Start with that and modify a little.

Rego requisite to move the blood so add a +1, and I'd suggest at least a +1 or +2 for the complexity of moving the blood and putting it in to a valid receptacle, so that would be 25th level or higher.

But that would require piercing whatever MR the creature has

Just because you enchanted an item it is not an ACTIVE magical effect. You can enchant spells/effects in a sword, but when the effect is not active there is nothing the Parma could resist. When you call upon an effect which affects the weapon itself the weapon can be resisted by Parma as long as it is under the effect of the spell.

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There's some options to easily acquire arcane connections. Wizard’s Breath Stolen is one although it works with breath, not blood.

Licking the Blade does what you're looking for - teleporting blood, however it's a high level effect which could be simplified and doesn't include dealing the wound. Lee gives you a pretty good option.

My Corpus magus in my last saga had a spell to do that ('Gather the Bloody Mess') that just grabbed blood and flesh that had fallen to the ground from a wound to his hand. The other magi in the covenant rapidly got lab texts for that.

Stealing the AC gets a little easier once you're willing to wait a round for it not to be in their MR - and you could easily design a magical sword to put blood on the blade instead be smeared on the crossguard so you could reach it for your penetrating spells.