Arcane Connections and their destruction...

I have no idea if this has been covered before, but what happens when the substance an arcane connection is made of fades/otherwise naturally deteriorates?

Edit: I have searched, but am unsure if my phrasing just didn't illuminate the correct answers for me...

Marcus of Jerbiton has fixed an arcane connection to a body of water via a droplet he has kept preserved. What happens when that droplet evaporates?

Part of the question would be whether fixing the AC prevents evaporation. It might somehow transform the drop into something that cannot be destroyed...

I like silveroak's suggestion. I would imagine that a finger changed into a permanent arcane connection would become a mummified finger or something like that.

I think it's very reasonable to have the fixed connection permanent in some manner. Let the player decide something thematic.
That said, if it's destroyed then it's gone.


I would think it a good idea to put that drop of water into a wax sealed ampule, or something like that, because once the drop of water evaporates, it is gone. Nothing about an AC makes it resistant to damage or destruction.