Arcane Connections at less than Arcane Range

Just curious: is there anything in 5th ed. or in anyone's house rules regarding the use of arcane connections at closer than Arcane range?

Back in the era of 3rd. ed. (hold the Reason), we had a house rule called Arcane Targeting. It was just that. If you had an Arcane Connection to someone within Sight range (as in, not over the horizon, visibility and lighting didn't hamper) spells that attacked with a created medium could automatically hit if the spell's range was adequate. Which, of course, vis boosting could compensate for with things such as BoAF.

Anything like that?

Far as I'm aware you just get the bonus to Penetration.

Per RAW, sight range is just that, you must see the target and to target an unsensed target (other senses work, usually at shorter distances) it must be done via AC range or by targeting rooms, structures, etc.

That is true for sight range, but you do not need an Ac to target a sensed target at voice range.