Arcane connections to non existant entities

Yesterday our gorup went up against some Fae. We first obtained and fixed arcane connections to them (we got them to have a conversation with us, and muto'd each into a song-bird which we then fixed.

Then we FEO's them into oblivion.

The question is what is the metaphysical status of these fixed arcane connections? If we tried to use them would they call the dead faries back into existence? Could they be used in a Realia on Magic lore/Vim/Faeris Lore.

Or are they just now birds?


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That’s quite the problem to unravel...

How long until the Muto effect ends? I’m guessing that it’s not permanent (unless using some non-Hermetic parameters).

Assuming your arcane connections hang around, then I’d play along the lines of them being able to summon those faeries back into existence. That feels the most faerie-like solution to me.

And so, by extension, yes, I’d allow adding them into a Realia on Magic Theory (fixing arcane connections) or Faerie Lore.

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There are some serious layers to that. Definitely realia. Beyond that is the question as to what exactly an arcane connection to a faerie connects to- the role they are playing or the faerie itself. if it is the faerie itself what does that mean exactly, since faerie can shed might and acquire it as they shift from one role to another, and there might just be a might:0 faerie without a role floating arround that you have an arcane connection to. Or maybe it is a connection to the role for the next faerie that decides to pop into it.

I think for arcane connections to fae to make any kind of sense they must be to the role, otherwise an arcane connection to a faerie would constantly shift as the individual faerie changes role.

With that in mind the arcane connection would probably persist and be connected to the role as filled by another faerie, assuming another faerie takes it on. You can destroy a faerie but the role persists unless the story has changed. That's just my take on it though.

I 100% agree that it would make suitable item(s) for realia.

I admit I kind of like the idea of faeries being externally defined. If you killed the Evil Pumpkin King with your Arcane connection, and everyone still tells the story, it may be a decade later a new Evil Pumpkin King rises up. While some metaphysics will point out that it's technically a different faerie in the role (possibly proven by different powers), if he truly is the Evil Pumpkin King, he will honor the connection to the previous version of himself - because he thinks it is himself, and therefore has that spiritual connection to the AC.