arcane enchanted clothing?

It might require penetration. The helmet is affected by magic, and Magic Restitution does not know the difference between "good" and "bad" magic. I think you would have to lower your parma to get the helmet on. Of course, you could enchant the helmet with beneficial magics and "hide" the growth spell..........

Actually, this could be a great assassination device. Enchant it with growth as a constant effect and winds of mundane silence on a trigger.

"Here Sire,.. this helm was crafted by the Order's finest smiths."

Another idea is that you could enchant the hat/peice of clothing with a enlarging spell you could turn it into a portable prison.

I think this is the crux of the answer.

A small helm with an active effect to make it large is resisted by Magic Resistance, because it is something affected by an active magical effect. (This is the pink dot effect).

A normal-sized enchanted helm with an (inactive) effect to make it small is not resisted when you put the helm on, but as soon as the effect becomes active it is resisted.

A pair of pants with an active effect to make them exceptionally fashionable are resisted by Magic Resistance.

An enchanted pair of pants with an (inactive) effect to turn them into a dress are not resisted when you wear the pants, but as soon as the effect becomes active the trousers are resisted.

Of course, quite what it means to resist a pair of trousers is another question. Does the magi's resistance stop the trousers transforming into a dress? If not, does the magi's resistance stop the helm shrinking?

If you are targetting characters without magic resistance, then the shrinking version is better, because it is only one low level effect.

If you are targetting characters with magic resistance, they will resist wearing the helm, because it is under an active effect (the growth one).

but, if the enchantment only effects the clothing itself,then there shouldn't be any magic resistance,right?

If it could affect someone with magic resistance with its changing, then it won't hurt them. In the helmet example, nothing would stop it shrinking, but it would likely just pop off the top of their head as it shrunk

Not until it interacts with something with Magic Resistance.

Unless, of course, someone recklessly lowered their Parma to put it on......

So do you think that magic resistance will stop an enchanted pair of pants turning blue?

If not, why not?

It depends on whether or not the wearer has lowered his Parma to put on the pants, in my reading. There is some component of intelligence to Magic Resistance, insofar as MR will let you cross a bridge made with magic, but will not let that bridge hurt you if it is thrown at you. Weird but true.

Along the lines of magic clothing is (maybe)a shirt that transmits you words,thoughts & actions to a specialy prepared book so that your fellow magi can know what went wrong if anything did in your work for the guild.

Dangerous. The only way (I can think of) to make that work is an arcane connection between the shirt and the book. Anyone on the ball, magically, could rewrite your book with ease.

acutrally there is only a arcane connection from the wizard in the shirt & book & this allows the information to pass from the wizard to the book & the book can only be used once per wizard,but the arcane connection can be moved from the used book to a fresh blank one without disrupting the enchantment.

Even more dangerous and more work then is needed. The shirt is touching the mage, no arcane connection is needed. Just one between the shirt and book. Why risk someone stealing the shirt and ignoring your parma?

I guess you mean whether or not he has lowered his Parma at the time the effect occurs.

I don't think that is how that example works.

Magic Resistance has no element of intelligence (in RAW), that is why there is a pink dot problem.

The (apparent) reason you can walk on a magic bridge is that you are walking slightly microscopically suspending above the surface of the bridge. Your magic resistance stops the bridge from actually touching you, both when it is hurled at you and when you walk over it.

ok then how about this a arcane connection like I said the second time I proposed this but with the arcane connection be between the shirt & book instead.

Thanks for the reply Mr. Love. What I am trying to say is Parma covers your clothes, if they are on you when you do your morning ritual or when you deliberately drop it during the day, to put on magic pants, for example. Once "past the wall", all bets are off. There's a point to that season of lab work identifying your new toy.....

Right Abe. The problem is you have still given potential enemies an arcane connect to the book, which is probably back home. It is a danger, so be careful!

If they could see the future(up to the 20th century at least)they MIGHT have some enchanted clothing that is EXTREMLY more advanced then the native vertions of clothing at least(posible with the pious magi incorperatin holy symbels at least) & with the other magi having(at least the silly ones) having silly effects!)

Abe, the future of the Ars Magica universe is going to be very different then our own, barring a huge magical catastrophe. The people who would create the industrial revolution will be co-oped by the Order, who can, after all, offer so much more then money.