arcane enchanted clothing?

What sort of enchantments would magi give to there clothing?

Muto Herbam to make the clothes clean, comfortable, and resizing to fit, and for when conditions change. It's a raincoat! It's a summer dress. It's a swimsuit! Good for disguises too.....

Change shape/style and coloring - This way you could always keep the rest of the item's effects with you without needing to invest those effects in lots of different clothing.

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk!!!

Keep them clean - This helps combined with the first.

Anything to take advantage of the transform/protect/move self bonuses from the shape.


Yes! Clothes of Quality for a +4 to defend yourself!

the cleaning enchantment if properly applied could extend to the magi wearing it as well!!!!

You would have to make it your Talisman or give it penetration to do that. That's a big investment for clothes.

It would need to penetrate to affect the magi's clothes when he was wearing them anyway.

Parma covers what you are wearing too.

thanks for the vote of confidence!!!!!!!!!

Abe was talking, if I understood him, about clothes affecting not the clothes, but the mage they covered. Parma can be lowered by the mage as needed, but that seems a big risk. If you want to be clean, do it in your sanctuary.

among other things,yes

Yes, that's the Big reason to have a Talisman, magic effects that don't need you to drop your parma, and they don't need to penetrate. I imagine that's why you don't see any defensive "charged items", everyone thinks of offensive the minute you say penetration.....

Originally, you were talking about MuHe spells to change the size and fashion of the clothes?

These need to penetrate the magic resistance of the person wearing the clothes, so they are a pain for a magus to cast on himself.

Of course, he can always get around this by taking off his trousers before turning them into a beautiful sequined ball gown.

Not quite. We were talking about MuHe enchantments, so that the clothes themselves would be magical. I'm pretty sure that items with self effects don't need to penetrate your parma while you're wearing them. Am I wrong?

Oh, I see, I suppose that could be correct.

It is because the effect will be Personal range, which doesn't therefore doesn't need to Penetrate the Magic Resistance the clothes have inherited from your Parma.

On the other hand, this would seem to allow effects like the following to kill a magus without needing to Penetrate?

The Very Uncomfortable Hat
MuTe 5
1 Use per day.
R: Personal, D: Diameter, T: Ind.
When a character puts on this impressive knight's helm, it shrinks dramatically in size, crushing the character's skull and instantly killing him.
(Base 4, +1 Diameter)

this spell with the proper modifications could probably make a helmet fit a fey that was radically smaller than a human.

Well, no. The item can shrink itself, but it needs to penetrate when it encounters any sort of Magic Resistance, otherwise it will either stop or "pop off", if I understand MR. Which is why I objected when Abe suggested using the clothes to keep the mage clean, as opposed to just the clothes.

So, why does it need to Penetrate to change size, but not to change fashion?

What about Abe's suggestion that the hat instead just changes size to fit the person, does that need to Penetrate or not?

Certainly that is the case, but that is because it would be a Touch range effect cast on the magus.

The Very Uncomfortable Hat is just a Personal range effect that effects only the hat itself.

It only needs to penetrate to shrink to the point it affects something with Magic Resistance. If it can't penetrate, it can be easily removed by the wearer, it stops shrinking until the MR is no longer in play. Magic Resistance is weird. See the many "pink dot" threads on this board.

You would better make a small helmet larger and then let it wear off.

Ouch!!! :open_mouth:
Though this does not need either a finess roll nor penetration, I do not think it is game breaking as you need to ensure the person wears this very helmet at the very moment the effect stops....