Archibaldus Ex Verditius 1180-1186

Archibaldus has 5points of personality flaws and story flaws.

1180.1 (Takes place Summer 1180, during the grand tribunal.)

A fresh start…
Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Avoiding parens and try to get a contract to sell some magical item to some magus.

Expected complications: His parens is at the same tribunal so completely avoiding is going to be difficult and his reputation will surely get in the way when it comes to selling things, no lab texts and a reputation as the apprentice of a fool will perhaps give the other magi a wrong impression of his magical powers.

Plan: Dress up in a way that he shows of that he is a follower of Verditius. Wizardly robes with lots of Verditi heraldry and such and a few metal accessories to show off his crafting skills. Then he will walk around speak with magi and if he ever get a chance he will offer his magical services at the standard verditius fee (HoH:MC p. 114-115).

First post: After swearing the oath Archibaldus where filled with happiness. At last he where free and a magus and as soon as he can get away he begin to wander the tribunal grounds just looking at all the wonder he can see around him and filled with happy thoughts and he dreams of the day when he will be recognised as a magus of importance.

There is lot so see here at the tribunal but what interests him most are the works of Gudrun Tigurina and a there is a tribunal her studio is open for everyone. He has heard the rumours of the crystal custodian, Gudrun’s masterpiece. It is her most famous creation ever and if the truth has been told a true masterpiece that shows of the crafting skill of the Artificer of Durenmar. Archibaldus approach the workshop where maga Tigurina keeps her work and as the door is open he can step into the studio. It is filled with arcane wonders and the splendour within make Archibaldus gasp with awe. He walks around in the studio that is larger than most magi’s laboratories until a man comes forward to speak with him. After a brief conversation Archibaldus leaves the studio. He where just looking at the splendour and not interested in buying anything so it becomes a rather short conversation.

Later on he sits down with a group of other magi over a pint of ale. Archibaldus has just attended a disputation and has now followed them to an ale house to discuss the disputatio. After awhile the discussion amongst the young magi turn to their future projects. One of the Flambeau at the table tells tall tales of what he has been up to the past years and that he plans to venture to the Alps and that anyone who wish to follow him is welcome to do so. Archibaluds will ask more and see if he can offer to provide with some magical equipment. (folk ken (magi) 2(+1) + com 0 = 3+dice roll) and if he offer a deal if he can (bargain (magical items) 1(+1) + com 0 = 2+ dice roll).

1180.2 (Spring 1181)

A companion in the forge
Difficulty: Easy
Objective: Explore the city of Kyiv, speak to some metalworkers and perhaps recruit a forge companion.

Expected difficulties: His blatant gift will give Archibaldus great difficulties so anyone who would even consider working for him could really need the protection of a magus.

First post: Archibaldus raise from his bed and walks over to his grand wardrobe. Racks filled with spectacular clothes and all manner of hats and shoes. What to wear this day he wonders. Perhaps I should show off my status a magus or perhaps I should dress down a bit so I don’t get notices right away. Anyway I can’t decide on an empty stomach. Archibaldus looks for a servant and as soon as he finds one he sends it to find something for him to eat. He walks through his lab on the way back to his sleeping quarters. Quite a good lab but he can’t spend much time longer in a wooden sanctum, he needs a proper wizards tower.

Later on after breakfast Archibaldus has decided that he should not wear his robes but instead dress as if he where a very successful craftsman. He just keeps to a few symbols that could indentify him as a magus such as his golden ring with the house verditius symbol upon it.

He walks down toward the city and with the aid of his nose he finds his way to the metalworker’s part of the town. He speaks with various merchants and craftsmen trying to find a journeyman who is looking for work. (Area lore 0 -6 blatant gift +0 com = -6+dice)

I've taken a look at these, and will wait for the full set before starting.

smile Archibaldus certainly has his work cut out for him!

1180.3 (Winter 1882)

Winter feast with the family
Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Travel to Antwerp and enjoy the holidays with his family. He will speak to his father about his intention to get married.

Expected difficulties: He will just, as always, be the social pariah of the family. Be asked by this father to do some shady deed for the good for the family (here there will be trouble…) and then his father will start think about with who he could marry Archibaldus and how that would strengthen the family.

Plan: Travel to Antwerp and enjoy the holiday then carry out his fathers wishes as best as he can.

First post: Back in Antwerp again and on the streets again. The grim chill of the winter gripped Archibaldus as he walked from his father’s house under the cover of darkness. He was under disguise (Improved disguise the Wizard’s Appearance, casting total +3 – aura +dice vs. lv. 5, I assume that Archibaldus cast the spell until successful then left the house) and had left the house through the servant’s entrance.

He knew that his task where simple. Meet with one informant on a dockside tavern for some documents and pay him of with a few silver coins. He just needed to fins somewhere to change disguise again. The spy must never know from who he received his money and Archibaldus could disguise very well, his only difficulty where his blatant gift as it made all men uneasy when spoken to.

He found an alley that where empty of people or so he thought. With a quiet voice and exaggerated gestures he tried to change appearance again (Improved disguise the Wizard’s Appearance, casting total -1 – aura +dice vs. lv. 5.), as soon as he where done he walked to the tavern where he would receive the documents.

Once there the handover where without difficulties but once he began to walk away from the tavern he could here footsteps from behind picking up the pace…

1180.4 (Summer 1884)

Travelling the Rihne tribunal
Difficulty: Easy

Objective: Archibaldus travels the Rihne tribunal to visit other Verditius magi. He wish to make friends and try to give a good personal contact with other magi so they don’t judge him as much on his reputation. Perhaps trade a lab text or two.

Expected complications: Traveling in the deep Rihne forests are dangerous, even for magi. And he reputation might give him a less than warm welcome.

Plan: Travel to Durenmar and from there travel to other covenants with verditi magi in the tribunal.

First post: Fengheld only a day left now to travel. Soon he would see other magi and not live like a shadow in the deep forests. Archibaldus sat at his campfire and gazed at the stars that glimpsed through the forest canopy. The night where cool but the fire warmth him and Archibaldus felt peaceful and later rested under the forests roof.

The next morning his travels begun yet again and he follower the road towards Fengheld. At the end of the day he saw the vineyards of Fengheld before him and his spirit lifted. Once closer to the covenant he where approached by the covenants mounted guards. Salve, I am Archibalud Ex verditius here to visit the magi of Fengheld. I have sent a letter that have announced my visit. (Charm 2 + 1 first impressions – 6 blatant gift = -3+dice)

1180.5 (Autumn 1185)

Balance of power

Difficulty: Difficult

Objective: Archibaldus family’s plan to weaken the weaver guild blew up in their faces. Archibaldus brother now has to stand trial for murder. The court has to determine if it where a crime of passion or if it was not. Archibaldus must help his brother in anyway that he can to that the court becomes convinced that it where a crime of passion so that his brother can get away with it even though he is guilty.

Expected complications: The magistrate is a distant relative to the dean of the weaver’s guild and Archibaldus brother is indeed guilty.

Plan: Tracking the magistrate under magical disguise trying to discover if his is up to anything more or less sinful but first and foremost embarrassing. Such as visiting ladies or gentlemen that provide more or less sinful services for some coins. Anything will do that will work as blackmail.

First post: Archibaldus where hiding amongst the shadows near the magistrates home. He had followed one of the servants home a few nights ago and she knew that the magistrate where up to something at late hours. She did however not know what he where doing. Well, Archibaldus thought, if he has nothing to hide then I must know the names of the jury members so I can get them to make up their minds or perhaps a witness can fail to show up at court. Now he had to focus.

Later after standing in the shadows freezing Archibaldus saw movement. It was the magistrate and he where going somewhere. Archibaldus starts to follow to see where the magistrate is going.

Not sure on what mechanics to use but Archibaldus dex is +2 and if he needs to change disguise then his casting total is +3-aura+dice vs. lv. 5.





Finally I crafted five stories. I must say I have discovered how reliant one is upon spontaneous magic… Quite difficult to manage without but a fun challenge as well.

Now perhaps it is time for the infamous phrase “Bring it on”. :smiley:


I have noticed a trend in this saga away from Spontaneous Magic.

Bringing. :slight_smile:



1180.1 part 2

One thing we missed: Archibaldus has a specific Bad Reputation at 3 due to his Infamous Master. Please edit your character sheet to include that stat line. Bumbling Fool +3 or whatever you think is appropriate.

The real problem, Archibaldus realizes later, is that he personally was not quite welcome. Having a fellow Verditius magus gawk in admiration at one's magnificent creations always adds cachet, except when that Verditius magus is liable to spoil a pleasant gathering of magi by saying something.

Your Bad Reputation subtracts from your Bargain roll. Would you trust your idiot parens to provision a perilous quest? Of course not--and while you have not be as bad as your parens--maybe--you are also unproven. Two reasons not to trust you.

And so it is that you drift from the outskirts of one conversation amongst respectable magi to the outskirts of another.

Is Archibaldus desperate enough to approach that motley group of Ex Misc hedge wizards, on the outskirts of everything?

1180.2 part 2

It's worse than that! Such a person would not only need the protection of a magus, but would also have to realize that consorting with Archibaldus is a real benefit rather than worse than the original problem. Blatant Gift and not much Parma: Fun!

Yes.... Archibaldus might have noticed that the stout wooden house provided excellent insulation against the frigid winter, but what is that to a magus who can just enchant a drafty, damp and cold stone tower to be comfortable? A few seasons of work and a few handfuls of vis, which seems to be indecently plentiful around here...

Probably a wise choice.

Finding where the metalworkers live and work is easy enough, even without Area Lore. But the people are remarkably unhelpful. They are brash and they are rude--even to each other! Dogs bark at you. Kyiv does not like you.... and if you do not like wood, you do not like Kyiv.

Many of the important streets are actually paved, which you have not seen in a city except for the odd important square or courtyard... but here they are paved in wood! A good thing too, because spring is very muddy. Very few buildings are made of stone, even some of the fortifications. Worse, the quality of metalwork here is obviously not up to snuff. In Antwerp, you were but a learner. Here, you might outdo what passes for a master. Anything really good has been imported from elsewhere. Very disappointing. Very strange, for a city vastly larger than Antwerp.

What now?

1180.3 part 2

Understatement of the year! Normal Gift: Uneasy.

Note that you are in a Dominion Aura, furtively changing disguise in a situation that you don't want to be seen, which makes this stressful. The first casting flat out fails, but a few minutes later (I assume he waits to recover fatigue) the second attempt succeeds at the cost of a fatigue level.

"Well," a cool voice carries to you from behind. "That was interesting. This explains a few things, doesn't it."

1180.4 part 2

That is, until a voice calls out to you from the darkness beyond your little fire: "You have the smell of my brothers upon you. Tell me how they fare."

"Yes," another voice susurrates, and then another, and then another and another... "Tell us." You are surrounded, and you do not see by what!

We'll hold off on this for now. :slight_smile:

1180.5 part 2

Please let's have names for these people! Archibaldus' father and brothers need names. Also, how old is this brother?

As you reflect upon this, you dimly remember than Antwerp does not use a jury system! The magistrate--that is, the judge--is a Doctor of Law trained in the new Civil Law, just making its way into Antwerp (which is not yet a very important city; it's rise depends upon Bruges losing good access to the sea in a few centuries.) The exact procedure by which the judge decides it not clear to you because Civil Law is relatively new to Antwerp and you know nothing about criminal law beyond "don't get caught."

I see no skill on Archibaldus' character sheet that lets him shadow someone. I'll assume he changed his appearance before attempting to trail the judge...

...who whirls to confront Archibaldus, brandishing a stout walking stick designed to double as a weapon against ruffians! He does not immediately set to, as it is dark and he does not know what he is facing.

In Archibaldus world it where more to the fact that he could not buy anything.

Disappointed Archibaldus will approach the Ex Misc. In his world it is better to sell something so that people will learn of his power and that he can support future projects. Standard prices apply.

Realising that these people are both unhelpful, rude and poor metalworker’s Archibaldus will shift his focus towards exploring the city and determine things of interest such as quality of metal and where can it be provided, the lay of the land, other services he can need bookbinders and such. If he can’t enjoy the city much he will also take a tour along the county side near the covenant.

1180.1 part 4

Ah, ok.

So Archibaldus approaches the Ex Misc, wearing his resplendent Verditius robes. The Ex Misc are less resplendent. There are six of them, two withered crones who look very much like witches ought to look, a man with exquisite mustaches and the smooth demeanor of a street entertainer; he fidgets idly with a small handful of multi-colored dice, an old man with breadcrumbs in his white beard dressed in a monk's habit, a burly peasant, and a young girl whose hair is on fire.

They cease their conversation once it is obvious that you approach.

"Well," drawls one of the witches in a creaky, ancient witch voice, the one with the crooked witch nose (the other witch has spindlier witch fingers). "What brings the noble and mighty Verditius all the way out here?" Her tone has just enough sarcasm in it that you can find reason to take offense if you choose, yet not dripping with so much that you cannot let it go by and act as though she meant her words at face value--if you choose.

1180.2 part 4

Kyiv is five times the size of Antwerp, perhaps the most populous city Archibaldus has ever seen. Paris is larger, and Constantinople, of course, and perhaps a few Saracen cities, but Kyiv is huge.

It is therefore strange that its craftsmanship is not up to the standard of lesser cities. But as you walk through the city, spit on and reviled, the conundrum answers itself. Kyiv is a trader's city, where the best of these lands is exchanged for the best of everything else. Perhaps these lands are not rich in metal, though there is abundant wood for forges; certainly there isn't much stone to be quarried. You can buy raw metal, but the price for good quality metal is high. The covenant can afford it, of course, yet the combined instincts of a Verditius and Antwerp merchant cry out! The markup on finished metal goods is also excessive, yet not as bad by comparison. That makes sense to you. A merchant importing raw metal rather than finished goods will need to take his profit somewhere.

It's pretty clear that you will need either appropriate magics (and various approaches can work) or lots of guards if you want to get much done in Kyiv, or among any other mundanes. Very frustrating. There are bookbinders here, of course, but the first one you meet is terrified of you, and waves a statuette of a saint in your face as he commands you to get thee hence. He doesn't seem susceptible to reason as babbled prayers bubble from his lips. The second one is quite reasonable and happy to take an unreasonably large deposit, but if you don't have immediate business or money for him, he will invite you to leave lest he call for soldiery.

The lands just outside the city are forested hills. From Kyiv you cannot see the covenant though it should be obvious on the flatlands on the east side of the river.

How far does Archibaldus want to take things in the city? He is likely to be treated better if he brings a few covenfolk as guards, though Eirik is likely to delicately and diffidently hint that there is no need for the noble magus to venture among lesser folk who lack the capacity to appreciate him, if he can dispatch loyal and diligent servants to do such menial tasks for him...

Archibaldus turns around he moves his hands slowly towards his casting tools. He will look at the man (or woman) that the voice belongs to. He does not say a word just looking as if he awaits an explanation.