Do anyone have a (or even better: multiple) good source(s) on myth and folklore covering the Ardenne area, preferbly in English?

I occasionally hunt around for such things for my Rhine saga. If I come across anything specific, I'll let you know, but I tend to work from wikipedia articles and so on. ... _Countries

Edit to add: I've also found a few French-language websites which give a few little bits-and-pieces. Using Google Translate, they are reasonably easy to follow but they might not be in-depth enough for your requirements.

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Have a look at the work of Albert Meyrac, especially at Les Ardennes, contes et légendes derived from his work:

I am not aware of translations to English, though.


That.... rather limits it's usefulness to me sadly, as my french is somewhere between "useless" and "non-existant". :frowning:

But thanks for the links anyway, I'll se what I can do with them

That's the general problem with research into folklore: there are very few people really interested in local legends, who do not also speak the local language. You are a rare bird and just have to live up to it.

Les Ardennes, contes et légendes is out of print at its small publishing house, but Amazon France still has a copy at some 50 Euros: ... 3%A9gendes


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