Are the Archetypes tweakable in Feng Shui 2?

In Feng Shui 2, I often look at Archetypes and wonder if they can be tweaked to fit the kind of play style or character you want. For instance.

  1. Using the Scrappy Kid as a base but changing Schticks around. Such as taking Magic instead of Chi and taking some sorcerer powers intead of some Scrappy Kid or Martial Arts abilities.
  2. Using the supernatural creature to create a vampire, switching out some monster powers for ones that would be more appropriate to the creature type.
  3. Playing a Maverick Cop who is a bad driver but is better at raining down lead on his foes by taking more Gun Shticks.
  4. Playing a Western Style Sorcerer such as a Wicca instead of some Chinese sorcerer from some ancient time period.

So in other words can you tweek out and exchange Schticks, Abilities and Concepts to build the kind of character you want to play?

I believe the answer is "no, unless you're using Sorcery, at which point you're allowed to trade Shticks for different blasts, and even then check with your GM." See "Sorcerous Tinkering" on 161.

You can swap out one skill for another as explained on p 24. At which point, assuming the possibility that you've switched out your core combat skill, you would obviously want to be able to switch out shticks that correspond to these. This does open up the possibility that you're going to either create an unintended combo (maybe run "Lucky 8 Ball" blast on a Gambler which might be too strong with Stack the Odds) or recreate a better version of a previously existing archetype (because some Archetypes have more Shticks than others, or because Ghost is more adept with Creature Powers than are Supernatural Creatures).

I feel that the Supernatural Creature Archetype should be tweak-able. It looks to me much like Sorcerer Powers as all the Creature Powers are the same value. So you should be able to mix and match the abilities to the kind of monster you're playing. A werewolf and a vampire would probably have a completely different spread of supernatural abilities.

Another thing that confuses me is what if a Supernatural Creature does something other than a creature power. For instance throw a punch, headbutt, deliver a kick, pick up a metal pipe and hit someone with it. Would this fall into Creature Powers or Martial arts? In addition what if your "Creature" didn't have natural weapons but had some supernatural strength ability that let them do massive damage with their unarmed attacks. How would that be represented?

I'd say, of course , you can, if your GM is fine with it.
If you find out after a session or two, that it is horribly broken you can start fixing it.
Swapping skills should be no hassle at all, as not every Everyday Hero will be interested in Beer and Classic Rock.

IMHO the archetypes are for a quick pick up, especially when players aren't familiar with the rules. If they want to try out something new, more power to them. If they want something that's not on their advancement path, but they can offer a good story, why it makes sense (skills for Supernatural Creatures), go for it.
I'd just be careful with mixing and swapping the archetype-specific schticks or making new archetypes. I'd sit down with my player and talk that through.
For me the rules are "more like guidelines". It's your game, have fun!

To quote Robin Laws (the game's creator) from the comments on the kickstarter (in response to someone named Adam asking about customization):

Robin D. Laws on September 21, 2014