Are there plans to update the books with the new errata?

I'm serious, the new errata is so extensive that editing it in on the user's end would be a nightmare, not to mention cost more on personal end (as pdf editing software is both expensive and limited in what it can do)

Are there any plans to update physical or digital copies with the errata? Just for the record, using the provided link I got when buying the core book still downloads Digital Version 1.0.

I'm personally willing to comb through the errata and edit the book myself, absolutely, and even send it off to Atlas so it can be legally redistributed, but the quality might be lacking due to certain software limitations.

I've decided to make this post public in order to gauge what others think, plus the result would be useful for everyone.

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I would love for them to incorporate the new errata, and am also willing to offer my help in doing so. I have the entire Adobe Suite, so shouldn't be a problem, if they want.

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Based on some of the questions asked alongside the request for missed errata it seemed like perhaps they are thinking of working on a revised 5th ed core book. In particular the question “what rules belong in the core rulebook?” That said, when they asked these questions they specifically said they would not answer any questions as to why they are asking those questions.


Exactly, we don't know what those posts were about, but I'd like to at least know whether I should spend my time on rewriting the rulebook, or if it's unnecessary.

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It might be advisable to avoid hasty action at this point.