Are Vampires playable?

Are Vampires even playable in Unknown Armies? Since I'm looking for a alternative to Vampire: the Masquerade and Requiem here.

Hi Jvrok,

There's considerable flexibility in how characters are built in Unknown Armies 3, including powers, addictions, and obsessions, and the like. Assembling the right array of characteristics and calling that character a "vampire" wouldn't be hard. That said, there's no dedicated rules for playing vampires, and clans and conspiracies of competing vampires would require some prep work (depending on the level of detail you want, perhaps no more so than the typical setting creation that's part of UA3's character creation). We think UA3 is very hackable, so much so that we'll be launching the Statosphere through Onebookshelf that will allow fans to self-publish their own material, and with a little work I'm sure UA3 would handle the obsessive desires of immortal bloodsuckers really well.


And that vampires are zombies but not dead? Pretty sure a defining factor for being a zombie is that they were dead, but came back.