Aristocles of Verditius

Reserved for final Character

Reserved for Character at Gauntlet

Age 25 Height 5'10"", 10st, Gender Male

Appearance Soot covered blacksmith with a leather apron, black hair, full black beard and black eyes.
Size 0
Confidence 1(3)
Reputation None
Casting Sigil, smell of oil quenching iron.
Voting sigil, small vial of quenching oil
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Theban Trubunal Resident.

Personality traits Hubris 2 (15 XP in total), Proud +3, Cooperative+1, Honest +1, Reliable +2

Verditius Magic. Min. Hermetic Free
Skilled Parens +60 XP and +30 Spell Levels Min Hermetic 1 1
Arcane Lore Min Hermetic 1 2
Educated Min General 1 3
Inventive Genius Min Hermetic 1 4
Great Intelligence *2 Min General 2 6
Good Teacher. Min General 1 7
Puissant Magic Theory Min General 1 8
Puissant Philosophae. Min General 1 9
Minor Magical Focus (Armour) Min Hermetic. 1 10
Items of Quality. Outer Mystery initiation

Rigid Caster Maj Herm -3
Weak Spontaneous Magic Maj Herm -3
Difficult Spontaneous Magic Min Herm -1
Poor Formulaic Magic Min Herm -1
Confraternity of Belisarius Min Story -1
Proud Min Per -1
Increased Hubris (from Items of Quality Initiation)

Early Life 45XP
Native Language Romaic Greek 5 0
Area Lore (Constantinople) 1 5
Survival 1 5
Swim 1 5
Awareness 1 5
Charm 1 5
Folk Ken 1 5
Athletics 1 5
Brawl 1 5
Stealth 1 5

Arcane Lore (50xp) Magic Theory 4+2 50

Educated (50 XP) Classic Greek 4 (Hermetic usage) 50

Later Life (75XP) Craft Steel (Armour) 5 75

Apprenticeship 300 XP

Magic Theory (Items) 5 25
Parma Magic 1 5
Order of Hermes Lore (Theban) 1 5
Code of Hermes 1 5
Bargain 1 5
Artes Liberales 1 5
Philosophae (Verditius runes) 2+2 15
Prof Scribe 1 5
Leadership (in the lab) 1 5
Verditius Cult Lore (Self initiation) 3 30
Penetration (Terran) 1 5
Craft:Leather (Armour) 1 5
Teaching (one to one) 1 5

Cr 1 1 1
In 3 6 7
Mu 8 36 43
Pe 6. 21. 64
Re 7 28 92
An 5 15 107
Aq 0 0 107
Au 0 0 107
Co 5. 15. 122
He 0 0 122
Ig 0 0. 122
Im 0 0 122
Me 0 0 122
Te 10 55. 177
Vi 2 3. 180

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk, core rules p118, MuAn, Personal, Sun, Individual, +3 soak on shirt
Base 4, +1 touch, +2 Sun, Spell total 15, Casting total A+14, Penetration A+1

Hauberk of Sublime Lightness HoH:S page 38, PeTe - reduces load of full suit of metal armour by 2
Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Affect Metal, Spell total 30, Casting Total A+18, Penetration A-10

Hardness of Adamantine HoH:S page 37, MuTe - increase soak of metal armour by 2 and metal edged weapons damage by 1
Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Affect Metal, Spell total 25, Casting total A+22, Penetration A-1

Wizards Leap HoH:S Page 36, ReCo, move up to 50 paces to arcane connection or where able to see.
Base 15, +0 Personal, +0 Momentary, +0 Individual, Spell total 15, Casting total A+8, Penetration A-6

Crystal Dart, core rules p154, Mu(Re)Te - +10 damage
Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Rego, Spell total 10, Casting total A+13, Penetration A+5

Edge of the Razor, core rules p154, MuTe - +2 damage for edged weapons.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Affect Metal, Spell total 20, Casting total A+14 ,Penetration A-4

The Miners Keen Eye, core rules p153, InTe
Base 2, +1 Conc, +4 Vision, +1 see through intervening material, Spell total 20, Casting total A+9, Penetration A-9

Rock of Viscid Clay, core rules p154, MuTe
Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part, Spell total 15, Casting total A+14, Penetration A+1


Int +3/+5 +6 +6
Per 0 0 +6
Pre +3. +6 +12
Com +2 +3 +15
Str +2 +3 +18
Sta +1 +1 +19
Dex -3 -6 +13
Qik -3 -6 +7

Size 0
Soak (Sta+Tough+Armour) +1

Initiative (Qik +Wpn Ini) -3
Att (Dex+Combat+Wpn Att) -3
Def (Qik+Combat+Wpn Def) -3
Dam (Str+Wpn Dam+Att Advantage) 0

0 OK
1-5 -1
6-10 -3
11-15 -5
16-20 Unconscious

Growing up in a small village half a days walk north of Constantinople, Petros was a good lad, Particularity clever (Great Int*2) and always trying his best and doing what he was told, but he never seemed to have any friends. His father Georgio was the village blacksmith and as soon as he was capable he started his training. Petros learned quicker and after 5 years was an accomplished Armour maker for the local lords garrison. He did show a real knack of being able to distill his fathers teachings down to easy to understand concepts and repeat them back to him in a really clear and concise manner (Good Teacher) .
Hestaphos the dwarf was well known to Georgio as he was known for in the guild for his superb weapons and armour, work that went to the count and his personal entourage for what was said to be extraordinary prices. Hestaphos explained that he was looking to increase his workshop output and Petros was just the sort of lad he needed (Inventive Genius) as his sword work was already getting him a reputation. Georgio realised what a great opportunity this was for Petros but he still bargained hard. In the end Petros' apprenticeship was transferred to Hestaphos for 23 pounds of silver, a fortune for Georgio but not, it appeared to Hestaphos. The lad spent the next day saying goodbye to his large family and packing his few belongings.

He and Hestaphos travelled to Constantinople and took ship for many days and eventually arrive at a the large island of Lemnos and so was Petros introduced to the great covenant of Igantios. His new master's workshop was a busy place, full of man heating and pounding iron to produce various weapons and armour, so began his Hermetic apprenticeship of the next 15 years. It was a happy time and Hestaphos was a generous master passing his focus in Armour (Minor Magical Focus: Armour) on to his apprentice and always being willing to that little bit further in helping Petros understand what was required of him (Skilled Parens). He ensured Petros had a strong education, employing scholars (Educated) and paying particular attention to his understanding of Magical Theory (Arcane Lore and Puissant Magic Theory.) However, for all of Hestaphos' efforts Petros really struggled with spell casting of any sort (Rigid Magic, Poor Formulaic Magic, Difficult Spontaneous Magic and Weak Spontaneous Magic). He could learn the spells easily enough but casting them was always problematic. He was of no use at all in helping with ritual magics and any attempt to introduce him to the Mercurian tradition was abandoned as soon as this became apparent.

Only in the last couple of years did Petro's relationships in the covenant begin to falter. Many of the magi were irritable and jealous of his presence and Hestaphos explained that their love of the items they created had grown to the point that they had trouble controlling their emotions to the point that they became rivals and even enemies. Hestaphos introduced Petros to members of the Confraternity of xxx who where happy to accept him in to their ranks and ensure his appreciation of the requirements of a good Verditius (Puissant Philosophae).

He had heard about the Christoforos of Criamon who was looking to recruit newly gauntleted magi and it seemed as good an option as any. He corresponded with Anastaj to ensure he was the only Verditius being recruited as he did not wish to repeat his experience with his Parens. So it was that Petros Proudly b[/b] finished his apprentice piece to his masters satisfaction and passed his gauntlet. He took the name Androcles and prepared to travel to his new home with his Parens blessing, parting on good terms, probably just in time if truth be known.

Reserved for Notes

Confraternity of Belisarius available scripts (initiations in normal order of completion)

Minor Magical Focus - Armour Minor Virtue 15 with Mystagogue, 18 for self initiation.

Script total +8 (Mystagogue's Presence +Verditius Cult Lore = 7 minimum) (Self initiation 10 minimum)

Travel to a forge of Hephestus and on Summer solstice -3
Sacrifice magical item of magnitude 4 or more -3
Mystagogue teaches Verditius Cult Lore for a season -1
Initiate serves a lab assistant to Mytagog ue for a season -1

Items of Quality Minor Virtue 15 with Mystagogue, 18 for self initiation.

Script Total +9 (Mystagogue's Presence + Verditius Cult Lore = 6 minimum) (Self initiation 9 minimum)

Spend season making magic item and similar mundane objects
As season nears it's end travel to a Forge of Hephaestus +3
Mystagogue and Initiate sacrifice both items on the forge +3
Initiate gains Minor Flaw "Increased Hubris" +3

Enchant Casting Tools Minor Virtue 15 with Mystagogue, 18 for self initiation.

Script Total +9 (Mystagogue's Presence + Verditius Cult Lore = 3 minimum - 1st after minor ordeal) (Self initiation 6 minimum)

Mystagogue and Initiate spend a season creating casting tools one after another +3
On the anniversary of initiation in to the Outer mystery, bury the tools in a Magic Regio +3
Tools are destroyed and gain flaw "Limited Magic Resistance to Vim"+3

Verditius Elder Runes Minor Virtue 15 with Mystagogue, 18 for self initiation.

Script total +9 (Mystagogue's Presence + Verditius Cult Lore = 3 minimum - 1st after minor ordeal) (Self initiation 6 minimum)

Mystagogue and Initiate travel to Durenmar taking a season +3
On the Winter Solstice sacrifice greater enchanted item on the forge created by Verditius +6

Item Attunement Major Virtue 21 with Mystagogue, 30 for self initiation.

Script total +10 ((Mystagogue's Presence + Verditius Cult Lore = 9 minimum - 2nd after minor ordeal) (Self initiation 18 minimum)

Initiate must make a Talisman and immediately following this initiate a Verditius Magus into a minor inner mystery he knows +3
The following season he must serve the Mystagogue who will initiate him using the powers of his talisman in the task +1
On one of the Solstices he sacrifices his talisman while the Mystagogue leads him through the initiation +6

[reserved for ST comments]

Ok, initial input

Personality traits
You need to pick three words, then put Pride (I think it starts at +3 at minor?), then Hubris. Also leave some space after Hubris cause it goes up as an ability right?

I presume you take Arcane lore for the 50 xp, cause you have access to the skills as an apprentice
Hmmm, I see where you want your character to go with magic. That Fraternity of Roland is essential to the character I think. But its a Western Cult, and a pretty Catholic one if I understand correctly. I would suggest a) you could keep it as is, but it would be difficult for your character, as everything required is in the West (plus I think you are Orthodox if you grew up in Byzantium) b) We could make an Eastern Empire version of it, same stuff, different names.

The free Area Lore is for people from outside the Theban Tribunal, and can't be that large even then (see character creation thread). Romaic Greek: 7 this is an iffy but I will allow it, no need to punish people for languages (obviously you want to write books. You will still sound like a hick to those who have Classical Greek). Why Penetration and I could suggest getting some Bargaining?

Looks good so far, I will do an in depth laters

Not sure on the three words yet, work in progress. Could not see the +3 start for Pride but makes sense, will adjust character sheet.

Yes I want the XP.

Happy to create an Eastern based Confraternity. I'll work with you on the detail.

(ST EDIT) Swell. Find a cool name and background. Maybe its influenced by Damascus, or its a Slavic brotherhood (avoid ancient Greeks, they did not have good swords). Find a Byzantium Hero and substitute Roland. Keep the sword stealing fluff if you want. Rules wise, keep everything as Brotherhood of Roland, unless you want something changed?

Don't want to sound like a hick at all, hence the Romaic Greek 7 giving Classic Greek 5. If that is your call on it I will switch some skills around and take Romaic 5 and Classic 5.
Penetration because I now have spells that attack. I agree on the bargain and again will adjust spend.

(ST EDIT) Yeah sorry about that :S. I ruled that having Romaic Greek substituting Classical leaves kind of an accent. If you are bothered by this fluff, for Classic 5 or Classic 4 and learn 5 later (someone is making a teacher companion)

Need a call on my two Ward spells as while the power is clear in the spell sections I don't think they are actually listed as standard spells. If ca't have them I will re do my spells and arts.

(ST EDIT) Where are those published please? If not published, cant have them for starters :S
I can cheat by modifying existing spells, like Circle of Beast Warding pg 120, Halt the Piercing Shafts MoH pg
Ward vs Metal: lvl 25, drop Touch to Personal, protects from normal metals, they just bounce inches from your skin. You cannot touch metals, and you need to remove any metals on you before casting this spell
Ward vs People: Lvl 25, drop Touch to Personal, protects from Corpus targets from touching you, including yourself (warning on this). Animals, magical creatures and parma bearers will probably bypass the ward. You must remove all items that have a Corpus component (human skins, bones etc) that you wear before casting this

As I said above they are not published as spells. However in Rego sections of each of Corpus and Terran sections of the core rule book (grey shaded area) it talks about base 15 to Ward vs people and base 5 to Ward vs dirt. I will remove the spells and take others.

Spells and arts updated. This is my final version if you approve.

Apprenticeship should be 300, why do I count 325 (125+200)?
5-10 he gets a craft of 5... weird but allowed by the rules I guess.
Maybe you should consider more Str. He is an armorer after all. This is just a suggestion.
Spells total is 125, that leaves 5 more I think? Your casting totals need to be reduced by 5 (Poor Formulaic Magic). That might cause you trouble with casting some spells. Hauberk of Sublime Lightness casting total I think its wrong (Perdo 6+ Terram 10 x2 due to focus 20, -5 Poor Formulaic +1 stamina= +22). Same with Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (+14), Hardness of Adamantine is +14 and +24 for armor. Please recheck all totals?
Wizards Leap no requisites. I follow the other school of thought.

On soak you forgot a +Tough from before I think?

Your character had correspondence with Christoforos. He was the one doing recruitment inside the tribunal, not Anastaj.

No, I am pretty sure you cant move spell levels to xp and vice versa. Could you show me the book and page you found this on?

You are correct in the multiplications of the Focus, never mind.

No reference available, just thought it would be OK, particularly given the background of difficult spell casting. Do you want me to change it to 300 Arts and Abilites and 150 Spells?

(ST EDIT) Yes please. Thank you

All done and spell totals recalculated.

I think I got all the stuff I wanted for your character (minor some names) please check if all is fine. Will need some additional information later.

Changes made re cult lore as agreed.