Arktos ex Miscellanea

Arktos ex Miscellanea is a Hermetic animal tamer of the Quinotauri tradition.


Arktos is a stocky, shortish man with determined eyes. As he plods along, his odd gait makes his bushy beard and long hair flail about. When he talks to people, he tends to stand so close that they smell the fatty fish he loves to gorge on. He is a bit gruff and pushy, but has a soft spot for those weaker than himself. When cornered, he is fearless.

Arktos likes to have his way. His magic is almost exclusively geared towards ordering animals and humans around, and he has an unparalleled talent for controlling his spells. Few know, however, that there is an aspect of his magic that he cannot control: Every full moon, he transforms into a fierce, menacing werebear. At the end of some of these episodes, he sheds a sliver of silvery hair that contains Rego vis. Arktos hates losing control in this way, and has devised a spell that he uses to put himself to sleep for the duration of the were episode. He strives to become the greatest magical animal tamer in the order. The works together with his magical hound familiar Remus and its pack.

Arktos has lived all his life in the covenant of Polyaigos in the Theban tribunal, where his pater Nuncius still resides. Arktos used to enjoy life at the militant covenant, capturing creatures and hunting down enemies of the Order. He was, however, troubled by declining populations of magical animals in the Aegean region. When Arktos wrote about these worries to his friend and patron Lexander of Tremere, the elderly Fector beast master arranged him a position in the Oppidum of Héviz cataloging, capturing, and taming the magical creatures. Arktos welcomed the fresh hunting grounds, the high prices of the regulated Tremere magical animal market, and the order and discipline of the Tremere social structure.

Does the serf desire the corvée, the lord a glorious death, the hedge wizard a voting sigil? Yet it is so. In bondage we prosper.

You would not tame the wild and rule it as master. No matter. More for the rest of us.

The Quinotauri tradition, ex Miscellanea:
The Quinotauri claim to descend from a disowned second son of Merovech, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty and a son of the shapeshifting monster Quinotaurus (for more information, see the Normandy tribunal book, p. 8 ). This heritage supposedly grants them the ability to shapeshift, but also binds their magic to their hair. The tradition's monstrous roots render it vulnerable to the Dominion, which is why its members tend to gravitate away from populous areas.


Characteristics: Int +3 (Shrewd), Per 0, Pre -2 (1) (Ugly), Com -2 (Terse), Str +1 (Brawny), Sta +2 (Tough), Dex 0, Qik +2 (Swift)
Size: 0 Age: 62 (38), Height: 168 cm, Weight: 70 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0 (1)
Warping Score: 2 (10)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws:
Free: The Gift, Hermetic Magus
Tradition: Personal Vis Source (Rego)* [Location: Hair], Shapeshifter (Bear, falcon, squid), Weak Magic Resistance (In Dominion)

Virtues: Boosted Magic, Life Boost, Quiet Magic (Spellcasting Penalty: None for soft voice, -5 if not speaking), Subtle Magic, Minor Magical Focus (Control Mental State), Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic, Affinity with Rego, Affinity with Mentem

Flaws: Bound Magic, Covenant Upbringing, Hermetic Patron (Lexander of Tremere, p. 44 AtD), Cyclic Magic (Negative): -3 During Fall and Winter, Greedy, Lycanthrope (Bear, Soak: +3)

Personality Traits: Brave +2, Slothful +1, Authoritarian +2

Dodge: Init: +2, Attack --, Defense +5, Damage --
Fist: Init: +2, Attack +2, Defense +4, Damage +1
Kick: Init: +1, Attack +2, Defense +3, Damage +4
Soak: +5

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)

Animal Handling 3 (magical animals), Artes Liberales 2 (astronomy), Athletics 2 (running), Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 2 (Dodge), Charm 1 (first impressions), Code of Hermes 1 (mundane relations), Concentration 4 (spell concentration), Faerie Lore 1 (faerie forests), Finesse 4 (Mentem), Folk Ken 1 (magi), Greek 5 (expansive vocabulary), Covenant Lore: Polyaigos 1 (personalities), Latin 5 (hermetic usage), Magic Lore 3 (creatures), Magic Theory 5 (enchanting items), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (personalities), Parma Magica 6 (Ignem), Penetration 5 (Mentem), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Scribe 1 (copying), Shapeshifter 3 (In Dominion), Survival 1 (Forest)

Arts: Cr 8, In 7, Mu 9, Pe 9, Re 19, An 16, Aq 6, Au 5, Co 1, He 7, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 19, Te 6, Vi 5

Casting: Drowsiness
Voting: A miniature stairway representing the Great Chain of Being


Pieces of flint for use with the Sling of Vilano
A branch for use with Strabo's Pencil
Within Tentacle's hilt:
Slivers of stone from boulders near Polyaigos and his lab in Heviz.
2 Creo, 2 Intellego, 2 Muto, 2 Perdo, 2 Rego vis in tiny marbles of different colors


Arktos' talisman Tentacle is a black leather whip as long as a tall man and as thin as a little finger. The top of its grip conceals a tiny mercury-filled topaz, a piece of magnetic magnetite, and a sliver of cinnabar. The bottom of the grip is hollow with a leather lid. Arktos uses the space to store vis for boosting his spells. In human form, Arktos keeps the Tentacle curled around his forearm, hidden from view by his sleeve. Slithering and Clean are activated when he turns Tentacle in a specific way.

Three effects have thus far been instilled into the talisman, occupying 8 of its 12-pawn capacity. The talisman has been attuned to Control Wild Beasts +5, Rego +2, and Muto +5.

Slithering, Level 30: Base 3, R: Per, D: Conc +1, T: Ind; Unlimited uses +10 levels, maintains concentration +5 levels, Penetration 22 +11 levels. Allows Arktos to control the Tentacle's movement and shape by concentrating. When left on its own, the Tentacle keeps the shape last assigned and resists changes. Complex shapes, delicate or fast movements, and attacks may require Finesse rolls. The Tentacle has a strength of +5. It carries its own weight and is capable of lifting things at most 6 feet above the ground. It moves as fast as a person could swing it.

Tough, level 25: Base 4, R: Per, D: Sun +2, T: Ind, +1 Frequency: 2/day, +3 Trigger: Sunrise/sundown, +11 Penetration 22. The Tentacle is unnaturally durable. It cannot be cut by weapons or broken by force.

Clean, level 20: Base 5, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind, Frequency: 1/day. Keeps Arktos and his apparel, including the Tentacle, dry even if submerged.

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Vis stocks: 15 Rego, 16 Creo, 14 Intellego, 16 Muto, 10 Perdo

Spells Known: (all casting totals without talisman)

Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20) +43 (41 + 2 from talisman), Mastery 1 (quiet casting)

Beast of Outlandish Size (MuAn 15) +32 (27 +5 from talisman)

The Circle of Hibernation (ReAn 20) +60 (53 + 7 from talisman). Puts a cunning being to sleep. Base 4, R: Touch +1, D: Ring +2, T: Circle. +1 Size, i.e. affects up to size 4

The Circle of Hypnos (ReMe 15) +62 (60 + 2 talisman), Mastery 1 (magic resistance). Puts an intelligent being to sleep. Base 4, R: Touch +1, D: Ring +2, T: Circle

Clothe the Naked Form (CrHe 10) +17

Commanding the Conscious Creature (ReMe 35) +42 (40 + 2 from talisman). As Commanding the Harnessed Beast, but for intelligent beings. Base 20, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind.

Commanding the Humongous Beast (ReAn 35) +44 (37 + 7 from talisman). As Commanding the Harnessed Beast, but +1 Size (affects creatures up to size +4). Base 15, Touch +1, Sun +2, Ind, Size +1.

A Day's Honey (ReAn 20) +44 (37 + 7 from talisman). As Soothe the Ferocious Bear, but R: Touch and D: Sun and +1 Size (affects up to Size +4)

The Draftless Step (ReAu 5) +26. The caster's movement does not stir the air around him.

The Gaze of Hibernation (ReAn 25) +61 (54 + 7 from talisman), Mastery 1 (quiet casting). Base 4, R: Sight +3, D: Diam +1, T: Ind. Puts an animal to sleep. +1 mag for size [i.e. works up to size +4]

The Gaze of Hypnos (ReMe 20) +62 (60 + 2 from talisman), Mastery 1 (quiet casting). Puts an intelligent being to sleep. Base 4, R: Sight +3, D: Diam +1, T: Ind.

The Hunter's Stealth (PeIm 10) +16. Destroys the caster's ability to affect smell and hearing.

Inscribe the Magic Circle (PeTe 10) +17. This spell inscribes a magic circle into the surface of the object touched. The circle may be as large or small as the caster desires, up to around 5 feet diameter. The spell affects simple materials such as dirt, clay, or sand; and harder substances such as stone or glass. It may also affect other materials subject to requisites at time of casting. Base 3, Touch +1, D: Mom, Part +1, to affect stone or glass +1. Filched from

The Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) +29 (27 + 2 from talisman)

Look at Me (CrMe 15) +30, Mastery 1 (quiet casting). Makes an intelligent target look at the caster in the eye. Base 4, R: Sight +3, D: Mom, T: Ind.

Look at Me, Beast (ReAn 5) +37. Makes a Cunning target look the caster in the eye. Base 2, R: Sight +3, D: Mom, T: Ind.

Loss of But a Moment's Memory (PeMe 15) +30

Personal Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 15) +16. As vanilla, but R: Self

Relocate the Vis (ReVi 15) +28 (26 +2 from talisman). Allows the caster to move vis between containers that he touches. Base 10, Touch +1.

Spot the Quarry (InIm 15) +14. For a fleeting moment, you see what is happening in the place you designate. You must have an Arcane Connection with the place or with something that is there. Base 1, R: Arc +4, D: Mom, T: Room +2.

Strabo's Pencil (CrHe 5) +17. Grows a sturdy vine at most 100 paces long in a pattern decided on casting. Elaborate patterns may necessitate Finesse rolls. The vine extends at a walking pace from wood or soil touched by the caster. It can grow around and over obstacles as a natural vine could. Base 1 CrHe, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind, Size +1.

Sympathy for the Magus (PeAn 5) +27. Makes a beast shed some of its feathers, hair, scales, or similar. The amount lost is minuscule, and does not hamper the beast. The procedure in itself is unnoticeable, but an alert beast may roll against +12 to notice the part falling of. Base 3, R: Touch +1, D: Mom, T: Ind, Size +1 (Affects up to +4).

The Tentacle of the Eye (InIm 5) +14. Extends the caster's field of vision and hearing with the "viewpoint" of something that he touches. The spell ends when the caster no longer touches the thing in question. Arktos mainly uses this on the Tentacle. Base 2, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Ind.

The Tentacle's Elongation (MuAn 5) +32 (27 + 5 from talisman). Changes the length of something made of animal products up to 32 times. Arktos uses this to elongate and shorten the Tentacle. Base 1, R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind.

The Tentacle's Slime (MuAn 5) +32 (27 + 5 from talisman). Something made of animal products becomes unnaturally slippery and impossible to grasp. Arktos uses this to prevent the Tentacle from getting stuck or grappled. The spell has been designed such that it affects neither the grip of the Tentacle nor the first half-pace of its length. Base 4, R: Per, D: Diam +1, T: Ind.

The Tiger's Leap (ReAn 35) +39 (37 + 2 from talisman). As the Leap of Homecoming, but Animal.

Understand Me (InMe 20) +28. The caster speaks two words to an intelligent target, and the target understands them. Base 15, R: Eye +1, D: Mom, T: Ind.

Understand Me, Beast (InAn 15) +25. The caster speaks two words to an animal, and the target understands them. Base 10, R: Eye +1, D: Mom, T: Ind.

Ward Against the Beasts of Legend (ReAn 25) +37

Wizard's Communion (MuVi 20) +21 (16 + 5 from talisman)

Wizard's Leap (ReCo 15) +25 (23 + 2 from talisman), Mastery 1 (fast casting)

Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) +28 (26 +2 from talisman)

Arktos in Bear Shape:

Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre -2, Com -5, Str +6, Sta +4, Dex +2, Qik +2
Size: +2

Claws: Init +2, Attack +13, Defense +11, Damage +10
Teeth: Init +2, Attack +11, Defense +9, Damage +7
Grapple: Init +2, Attack +7, Defense +7, Damage n/a
Soak: +13

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15- 21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)

Abilities: Athletics 3 (sprinting), Awareness 3 (prey), Brawl 5 (claws), Hunt 4 (deer), Survival 5 (foraging), Swim 3 (against the current)

Arktos in Falcon Shape:

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre -2, Com -2, Str -5, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +6
Size: -3

Virtues and Flaws:Keen Vision (+3), Fragile Constitution
Qualities: Keen Eyesight (+3)

Talons: Init +5, Attack +6, Defense +12, Damage -3
Beak: Init +6, Atk +6, Defense +9, Damage -4
Soak: +1

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-2), -3 (3-4), -5 (5-6), Incapacitated (7-8), Dead (9+)

Abilities: Athletics 5 (swift flight), Awareness 4 (spotting prey), Brawl 2 (talons), Hunt 4 (game birds), Survival 3 (cold climates)

Arktos in Squid Shape (filched from ... creatures/ )

Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre -6, Com -5, Str +1, Sta +4, Dex +3, Qik 0
Size: 0

Virtues and Flaws: Lesser Immunity to blunt weapons
Qualities: Keen Eyesight (+3), Grapple, Loathsome Appearance, Multiple Arms (+3 climb, grapple, etc.), Slippery (+6 against grapple), Venomous.

Beak: Init -2, Attack +11, Defense +8, Damage +2
Grapple: Init 0, Attack +12, Defense +9, Damage na
Tentacle (as Fist): Init 0, Attack +8, Defense +5, Damage +1
Barbed Tentacle: Init +0 Atk: +10 De: +8 Dam: +5
Soak: +8

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-3), -3 (4-6), -5 (7-9), Incapacitated (10-12), Dead (13+)

Abilities: Athletics 4 (climbing), Awareness 3 (predators), Brawl 5 (grapple), Survival 3 (ocean), Swim 5 (ocean) Hunt 4 (prey).

Ink Cloud: 0 points, Init 0: the squid expels a cloud of black ink, spreading and thinning naturally, but thick enough to block sight in a radius of about five paces around the animal. In calm water, the cloud disperses within 2 minutes, equivalent to Duration: Diameter but disperses faster in rougher conditions. This defensive attack can only be used underwater and can only be used once per encounter.

Multiple Arms: 0 points, constant: the squid gains +3 to attempts to climb, grappling, and certain other Strength or Dexterity-related tasks where multiple arms would be a bonus.

Venomous Beak: 0 points, constant: when a squid bites an opponent, compare its Attack Advantage to the victim’s armor Protection (not his Soak). If the animal’s advantage is higher, the victim suffers the effects equivalent to a weak poison (Stamina roll against Ease Factor 6, Light Wound), regardless of whether the bite inflicts an actual wound.

Remus the Hound, familiar of Arktos ex Miscellanea:

Remus was born to a litter of bloodhounds at the kennels of the covenant Polyaigos. The magus Arktos, who often worked at the kennels, soon noticed its magical nature and started preparing it as his familiar. Remus now leads a pack of five bloodhounds, each of which it has personally raised and trained. Remus and its pack aid Arktos in tracking down and capturing magical creatures.

Magic Might: 15 (Animal)

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +4, Pre -3, Com 0, Str +1, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik +2
Size: 0
Season: Summer
Age: -- (--), Height: 168 cm, Weight: 72 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Confidence: 1 (3)

Binding cords: Gold +2, Silver +2, Bronze +3

Virtues and Flaws not bought with qualities (based on Mundane Animals hound):
Free: Magic Animal, Magical Covenfolk
Virtues: Improved Characteristics, Long-Winded (Fatigue Rolls: +3), Sharp Ears (Hearing: +3)
Flaws: Magical Friend, Reckless, Covenant Upbringing

Virtues bought with qualities:
Improved Characteristics, Minor Essential Virtue (Exceptional Sense of Smell), Great Perception

Qualities and Inferiorities from base animal:
Domesticated, Pursuit Predator, Vocal, Keen Sense of Smell (+3 smell, +1 Per, +2 Hunt rolls)

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities:
Minor Virtue (Great Perception), Improved Abilities × 1 (+50 exp), Gift of Speech, Greater Power × 1: 50/50, Improved Powers × 2: 10/10, Personal Power × 3: 75/75, Minor Virtue (Minor Essential Virtue), Minor Virtue (Improved Characteristics), Improved Damage × 1 (Bite: +3), Improved Initiative × 1 (Bite: +3), Improved Soak (+2), Susceptible to Deprivation

Personality Traits: Hound +3, Exceptional Sense of Smell* (Per) +3, Loyal +3, Brave +3, Reckless +3

Bite: Init: +5, Attack +11, Defense +9, Damage +5
Dodge: Init: +2, Attack --, Defense +7, Damage --
Soak: +7

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)

Abilities: Athletics 4 (running), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Awareness 4 (searching), Folk Ken 1 (magi), Brawl 5 (bite), Concentration 2 (powers), Swim 2 (chase), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (personalities), Magic Theory 3 (helping in the lab) (16), Animal Handling 4 (Canines), Penetration 3 (Intellego), Magic Lore 2 (creatures), Hunt 4 (track by scent)


Foolish Creatures (Greater: 25)
Remus' growl clouds the mind of its prey. Points: 0, Initiative: Qik+0, Form: Mentem, Range: Voice, +2, Duration: Diam, +1, Target: Group, +2, Level: ReMe25, Design: 25 levels, Base 4, +2 Voice, +1 Diam, +2 Group, -3 Might cost, +2 Initiative cost, 5 mastery points: As Confusion of the Numbed Will, p 151 core, but Voice, Diameter, Group.

The Inexorable Hunter (Greater: 25)
Once the hound is set on the scent of a creature or person, it can follow flawlessly for as long as is needed to locate it. The hound is not fooled by the various ruses of his prey, such as heading through water or doubling back. If the prey has Magic Resistance, this effect has to Penetrate in the usual fashion. Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-2, Form: Corpus, Range: Arc, +4, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Ind, +0, Level: InCo25, Requisite: Animal, Design: 25 levels, Base 3, +4 Arc, +1 Conc, +1 An requisite, -3 Might cost, 3 mastery points.

Smell the Griffon (Personal: 25)
Remus can detect creatures and magi as magical by smell. He can also detect their Might score or level of highest art. The more powerful the creature or magus, the longer residues of magic remain in scent trails. This power must penetrate. Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-2, Form: Vim, Range: Per, +0, Duration: Mom, +0, Target: Smell, +2, Level: InVi20, Design: 20 levels, Base 10, +2 Smell, -2 Might cost, 1 mastery point.

Great Leap (Personal: 25)
(As per RoP:M p 60) Remus is able to leap instantly up to 30 paces vertically or 50 paces horizontally. It must make a Dexterity + Encumbrance stress roll of 0+ to land without injury. Points: 2, Initiative: Qik+2, Form: Animal, Range: Per, +0, Duration: Mom, +0, Target: Ind, +0, Level: ReAn15, Design: 15 levels, Base 15, +3 Initiative cost, 1 mastery point.

See the Magical Nest (Personal: 25)
Allows Remus to see the boundaries of magical regiones. Points: 3, Initiative: Qik-2, Form: Vim, Range: Per, +0, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Vision, +4, Level: InVi25, Design: 25 levels, Base 3, +2 Sun, +4 Vision.

So are there two bear shapechanging wizards also with cyclic magic tied to the season?

I have no problem with that, but they are strikingly similar. I do have to say i like the idea behind this lineage/Ex-Tradition.

I will reserve the right to revisit.

I do want to look at the magic focus. I want to be there is an understanding of Control Mental State. I'm thinking of some mental states from A&A ( which I do not have access right now) but I would not like to assume.

It was HoH:S on page 67 where it is listing emotions and, in the third column, a list of states of consciousness.

But we do need to be clear on what control mental state is. I think of it as these two things.

Yeah, I think sleep is the one I will mostly use, but I wanted to have it cover the whole thing because I thought some of the sleepwalking etc. stuff might prove fun and it's still narrow enough. Isn't it clear in soc? "A mental state is defined by the target’s perception of his relationship with his environment." So not emotions, but these kinds of states like asleep or daydreaming.


How much Rego vis does Arktos get from his virtue? Does this begin before gauntlet or only after?

Can the penetration of wards be improved with sympathetic magic? I.e. if I use an arcane connection casting, does the ward become more powerful against that particular individual creature?

Edit: Also, do you want a season-by-season account of the XP expenditure, or is it enough to post the character every 10 years?

Vis via a personal vis source is available post gauntlet.

Do a character sheet for every 10 years. Remember to put in aging rolls. Figure you are at a +1 living conditions.

I find it easy to use a spreadsheet to track the seasons/year. That way it is much easier to go back if a mistake or correction is made.

[tr][td][/td][td]Intellego +10[/td] [td]Intellego +10[/td] [td]teaching 10xp[/td] [td]Teach Apprentice[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]year 31[/td] [td][/td] [td][/td][td][/td] [td]0 xp[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1228[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td] [td][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]age: 56[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][/tableborder]

I like to see what was spent and where.

I get back to you on the wards

Since you didn't mention an amount for vis, I'll go with the RAW 1/10 of covenant annual vis income and say it's 2 rego per year.

If I understand you correctly, you'd like to see a spreadsheet of the seasons; I'll make one. I don't need it for myself, because I use Metacreator and it's easy to keep track of things there, but I can do it if you like to see what's going on.

The Oppidum is not in an unpopulated region. They actually run an Inn.

Just making sure it will not throw you off.

Yeah, that's fine, he might not be too happy about it but the good sides offset the bad.

Here's his sheet at 10 years pg: ... t%2010.htm

Still misses a few details like sigil.

XP breakdown:

Begin: 660 xp @ year 1230 age 32
End 1100 xp [10 deducted for longevity season] @ year 1240 age 42)
= 440 xp

Arts 160 xp:
Rego 12->17 = 50
Mentem 12-> 17 = 50
Animal 9 ->14 = 60

Abilities 140 xp:
Parma 1 -> 4 = 45
Scribe 0 -> 1 = 5
Concentration 2 -> 4 =35
Latin 4 -> 5 = 25
Penetration 3 -> 4 = 20
Artes Liberales 1 -> 2 = 10

Spells xp 140:
Understand Me 20
Personal Veil of Invisibility 15
Coerce the Spirits of the Night 20
The Bear's Slumber 15
The Turf of Slumber 15
Mastering the Unruly Beast 25
Loss of But a Moment's Memory 15
Wizard's Leap 15

= 440

Longevity ritual:

Years from gauntlet to ritual = 4
4*4 (2 base + 2 virtue) = 16 vis at ritual
Longevity at age 35 = base 7 + 10 + 4 = 21 vis for 12th mag
~ have to borrow 5, can pay back 4 next year (1 interest) and 3 next year (1 interest).

So he has to roll six times. Here are the rolls:

The last roll nets me an aging point, it goes to stamina.

I'm against the borrowing of vis for character creation. It leads to other complications. The troupe can decide.

Ah, ok, fine by me. What kinds of complications?

If I could have borrowed Ophelia wouldn't had to pay for an LR twice.

It opens up the door to borrowing for enchanted items and familiars, ect which means I need to keep track of what is brought in and going out more closely. I would rather keep it simple for character creation.

I've been trying to read up on sympathetic magic and I'm wondering if either I am looking in the wrong place or the reference is incorrect.

From my reading, sympathetic magic comes from sympathetic traits which comes from a close connection with Faire or Fairies. Having ground through that with another player I'm going to be much more strict on their usage and even being allowed to use them.

That being said, it really sounds like you are looking at the Supernatural Virtue Warding (HoH:S pg 112). I would also refer to the side note on pg 113 :

Since in most cases, Hermetic Wards do not actually target the creatures effected by them, most magi can not boost their Penetration Total with an Archane Connection to a supernatural being unless that being is inside the circle when it is being cast.

So you can use an AC to boost penetration on a ward IF the creature in in the circle at the time of casting. Now the above is a flaw in Magic theory so you could research a way around that if you wish. But I will leave it up to the Troupe for discussion as I will always accept that I am totally wrong.

I have reworked things a little due to the vis issue and the deprivation-sleep issue.

I had him work 2 seasons to pay for the mag 12 longevity to keep everything the same, and thus had to lose 20 xp from penetration and have 1 vis left over.

I reworked the spells pretty heavily to a) remove custom spells from apprenticeship and b) to put a diameter duration (and Sight range, while I was at it) on non-circle sleep spells.

The apprentice sheet is here: ... 20appr.htm

The @ 10 sheet is here: ... t%2010.htm

The new XP breakdown is here:

Begin: 660 xp @ year 1231 age 32
End 1080 xp [10 deducted for longevity season + 20 for 2 work seasons] @ year 1241 age 42)
= 440 xp

Arts 160 xp:
Rego 12->17 = 50
Mentem 12-> 17 = 50
Animal 9 ->14 = 60

Abilities 100 xp:
Parma 1 -> 4 = 45
Scribe 0 -> 1 = 5
Concentration 2 -> 4 =35
Latin 4 -> 5 = 25
Artes Liberales 1 -> 2 = 10

Spells xp 160:
Understand Me 20
Personal Veil of Invisibility 15
The Gaze of Hibernation 25
The Circle of Hibernation 20
The Gaze of Hypnos 20
The Circle of Hypnos 15
Look at Me, Beast 5
Look at Me 15
Sympathy for the Magus 5

= 420

Years from gauntlet to ritual = 4
4*4 (2 base + 2 virtue) = 16 vis at ritual
2 seasons of work = 6 pawns
= 22 altogether
Longevity at 35 = base 7 + 10 + 2 = 21 for 12th mag
1 vis left

I'll start aging him further now.

I'm not sure I understand. What I meant is in the core book p. 84: "Any character with the Penetration Ability can use sympathetic magic to increase the penetration of her magic".

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. It's workable for Arktos, as well.

Sympathetic magic is in RoP:F Sympathetic connections has to do with Archane connections. That is the confusing part. You were looking at sympathetic connections that they called ( I think incorrectly) sympathetic magic in just that one paragraph. That is why I was confused as to using AC with sympathetic magic.

Ok. So sympathetic connection bonuses work as described in the quote above, but there's another category that I am not familiar with in the faerie book.