ArM 5 Supplement Wish List

Books I would like to see.

(This is blue-sky thinking. Nothing in this topic should be considered to oblige Atlas Games, of course.)

A Rules Cyclopedia - not all rules, not anything from highly optional material, but the main stuff in one book.

Tribunal books for Iberia, Rome, and Loch Leglean, to update the previous books. Those books are old enough to be in college, and out of timeline too.

A master spell book with guidelines, shape and material bonuses, device effects, etc.- effectively a Wizard's Grimoire. I suspect there would be enough material to be separate from the Cyclopedia, above.

A Companions book (although I will admit Grogs stands in for this fairly well).

Alternate Ars books-
After the Founding
Schism War
Late Middle Ages
Rebirth (say, 1410)
An alternate histories book - there could be several of these.

There could be locations books on India, the Far East, based on travelogues of the period, or on Mythic History of the location, and both (travelogue-based books could be set in Regios.)

I suspect that Saga books could work - long term outlines for Sagas, starting with freshly Gauntleted magi, with guidelines for what resources to make available and what to rule out. This could be more effort than it is worth, though. I am always skeptical of detailed adventures for Ars Magica.

As a wish list...

  • A new Wizards Grimoire. I like the name for it has Ars history. It can be a place where the scattere magic from several sourcebooks can be gathered together. Things considered somewhat universal yet not in the main book. It can contain tons and tons of other magic goodies. The focus should be Hermetic magi only.
  • Covenant books, like Mistridge from earlier editions. Not Mistridge though. Some other covenant from current cannon, full of many potential nuances and story seeds. Something you could run a whole saga out of.
  • I like adventure books if they are written in a certainstyle. Tales of Power had some groundbreaking ideas on how to introduce and adapt stories.

I'd like to see a familiars book and a book that integrates adventures into lab; that is a few hooks/antagonists/tales of Mythic Europe style adventures that start in a lab and a chapter or two of discussion and tricks to directly have lab work leading to stories rather than the more typical stories leading to lab work.

I'd also like a book that collected all the virtues and flaws, all the guidelines, all of the combat supplemental rules from Lords of Men, and put them into a single book. I'd add it to the list from another thread that talked about this very topic, and had quite a bit. It


Agreed. It would be a handy thing. It reminds me of the discussion around a resource which is regularly updated for new guidelines and rule clarifications, perhaps even with detailed explanations; but I think that also raised the "how to pay for it" question which took of on a subscription tangent and died.