ArM Code?

Ars Magica Code? Can someone fill me in, as I don't feel sufficiently geeky. I mean, I'm a budding videogame artist and all, and I can get geeky with the best of them digitally, but now I wanna roll with the big boys.


What kind of code are you talking about? Game terms? Slang?

The information you seek will be revealed here:

Thanks, Eric! I've really just wondered, so I'll get it out of my system right now and declare:

ArM Code 1.? 5+ Ca+ R+ H+ L- G++++ Y05 T SG-- P HoH:B+ Bj++ Ma++ F+ Tr+ Cr- M- :smiley:


Geekiness achieved!

I suppose I could fill in every house... Is there a thing for how your attitude toward houses has changed between core and expansion or different editions?

Crazy, man. Crazy.


Nah, you've just reached a new level of geekiness.

ArM Code 1.5 5- Ca- R+ H+ L- G++ Y1991 T4-- SG P- HoH(Ex+,F+,Ty+,V+) FZ- !C :neutral_face: Cd

Holy crap, so all that nonsense MEANS something! I guess I'm not an Ars Magica fan. I'll just go put my head in the sand or something.

Well, you can separate things with a stroke if you want-- I've done this to indicate being in two different Troupes at once. Something like:

ArM Code 1.5 4/5 Ca-/Ca++ HoH(M-,Ma-)/HoH(M++,Ma++)

It gets a little crowded, but people in the know can probably figure out what you mean. :slight_smile:


ArM Code 1.5 5- Ca++ R+ H+++ L(Arabic++?) G+ Y92 T-/-- SG+ P- HoH+ FZ(E)++ FZ(F)- !C :neutral_face: Cd

Maybe we should add an entry for how long it took you to work your ArM Code out...

I think mine took about five minutes or so, but I'm good with the geekiness that way. Under languages can I add Ch+ for Chinese? I speak much more fluently than I read.

As for the Houses, I like Flambeau much more than I used to. Tremere actually became interesting to me as well. I've always loved Merinita, so that's easy. Bjornaer really came up to near perfect with MC. I was disinterested in Criamon before, and I'm less fond of it now (sorry Timothy, but at least I think Tremere rocks). Not much for most of the True lineages. I guess I'm a Mysteries kinda guy. Seems more magical to me and less like a science.

And is it me, or does Mercere secretly run the show? Sure, they're not the most magically powerful, but they are the sole source of inter-Covenant communication for most folks, and that gives them TREMENDOUS power. Just a thought.

The Mercere run the show? Absurd! (Get his name and a lock of hair- ASAP!)

Never fo me to let down any opportunity to indulge in new levels of geekiness...

ArM Code 1.5 5++ Ca R+ H+ L G+ T- SG P- HoH(Bj+,Cr--,F+,J-,Ma+,Tr--,Ty+,V-, D++) FZ (E) C-- E- :smiley:

Is this correct ?? I think the code lacks a symbol for "I have played so many different games down the years, I cannot remember when my first try at ArM was"). I also think an entry to express attitude towards Mysteries is really needed (er, MY??). And Paradigm lacks an entry for indicating whether you deem the Arm paradigm as absolute, or you think that beliefs define reality.

Salvete Sodales!

I think I got it:

ArMCode 1.5 5+ Ca R H+ L G++(German equivalent) Y03 T-- SG P+ HoH+ (Hg++) FZ-- C-- E- :slight_smile: Cd


Alexios ex Miscellanea

Thread necromancy here. Anyone have an updated link? This one seems defunct.

This one may be helpful if the coding and decoding takes to long:

Rather than necro, it'd be nicer to start a fresh one. That being said, it'd be a nice addition to the wiki, if whoever wrote it still has it.

Fixed here.


And there was much rejoicing!


BTW... 1.6?!

Yup. No references to 5th edition at all, nor to Sub Rosa instead of Hermes Portal and other stuff! :slight_smile: An update seems to be needed here! ANd I need to review my code myself since our saga ended last year....

Link is dead...