ArM ORC Potential Projects

I'd like a Domdaniel supplement, as I've mentioned before.

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There are a zillion sagas to propose, of course, from world-shaking conflicts among magi to petty politics among covenfolk to companions threading among magical and mundane worlds.

It seems fairly likely ArM rules will be cleaved from Mythic Europe for licensing, so I suspect an early order of business will be world design, whether grounded European low fantasy or airy or epic high fantasy.

Remember to avoid straight swipes. The world only needs one Warhammer, or Forgotten Realms, or Tekumel.


For a High-Magic saga, the ancient heroic age centred round Atlantis before the fall. Add during and after the fall for variants on the theme?
Alternatively, a breakthrough negates the limit of the Lunar Sphere, allowing magical travel to other realms/realities?
Variant ancient world; Pre-Deluge, little or very limited Dominion, the Fall is about to create/ has just created the Infernal, but the faeries roam unchecked unless magic says otherwise? How common is the Gift, and what excesses provoke the Deluge?
For a (progressively lower?) Low-Magic saga, the end of the Order in its current form; Magic begins to weaken, Magic fundamentally changes because beliefs change, or the Order falls falls due to human factors, external (persecution/crusade) or internal (politics, corruption, treachery, the revenge of House Diedne).
Variant modern world: For whatever reason, the Gift becomes more common, possibly much more common. Never mind just the modern world with magic-as-technology and school kids struggling with Aquam homework, what about the Age of Imperialism in an alternate world with an established magocracy as a stratum in a more developed post-medieval society?

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With the Magic Realm having a wide variety of different manifestations, connecting alternative worlds would be easy. Connecting the Old World to the Americas is as easy as finding a path through the Magic Realm (or the Fairie Realm for that matter). The mechanics already exist, they just need to be exploited.


A real-world region that seems perpetually ignored that I'd love to see is the whole northern and eastern sides of the Black Sea, extending out further. I cannot do it. But it seems to be huge region with a lot of interesting history and peoples someone could use beautifully if they know that area and feel so inspired.

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These are fairly similar, and might be combined into quite a weird sword & sorcery pulp setting.

In an antediluvian world of high sorcery, giant kings, and unchecked demons, heroes and magicians struggle to survive!

Something like that. I wouldn't want to lean too heavily on Abrahamic religion, but if it is meant to be linked to later Europe, the Fall happened, and those demons and other powerful sprits are roaming the world. There's no Dominion, and faeries are in very different forms.

I'm not sure the Hermetic Arts transplant, but a different verb-noun arrangement might be used.


@Carologus here's a recent Joe Rogan podcast, #1928 that he interviews a couple YouTubers with some fascinating theories on the history of Atlantis and origins of Egypt, that are great material for any potential SG as well.

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