ArM5 Books by Ability Index

I'm not sure who else uses this. I've got a question maybe someone knowledgeable in the area can answer.

Dates. Are this the dates when the books were written or translated? If it's written, then I'll assume there are errors in a few dates because Gregory of Tours would have lived to be over 800 years old. Hildegard of Bingen did even better, living to be over 1100 years old and publishing in the future. (No wonder he understood philosophy and theology.) Certainly here are some errors either way. I had the feeling they were dates for when the books were written though.

There is more practical importance to this question because I wasn't sure if certain parts of some books were available and others not at certain times. I'm specifically thinking of some of Gregory of Tours' stuff.


Well I compiled it, so I'll give it a go...

He was a very saintly man that Greg dude...

Actually the list was compiled into an *.XLS spreadsheet and the printed to PDF. Seems like an error in the cell format slipped in. I haven't had a chance to fix it.

If you post the obvious mutlicentenarian errors to me or on this thread I'll endeavour to fix it between projects.

They are when they are written unless specifically noted.

Many of the texts are only partly available (at least in Latin, Arabic and Greek are another matter) in Mythic Europe in 1220.

Some texts not listed are unknown in Latin until translated by "the Toledo School".

Gregory of Tours lived in the 6th century ( IIRC the correct dates of his books may be in tLaTL but I don't have my copy to hand.

Some ancient writers had later writers attribute their own works to the more famous early author to gain kudos (pseudo-Dionysius, pseudo-Aristotle etc). Happened less after CE/AD started.

A Story Seed where an Infernalist writes a book subtly pretending to be a "lost" work of Gregory of Tours containing corrupted Divine lore or a faerie pretending to be a "lost book" are interesting ideas.

I was going to flesh this out into a Sub Rosa piece on lost books sometime but got sidetracked by other projects.




The pdf that someone compiled?
The one that places certain books written by a medieval author as being from the 22nd century?

Yeah, there's an Excel crept in there.

Hildegard was a nun.

Thanks! I love it!

As far as I have seen it's just those two authors. I might have missed someone, but I did glance through it again this morning.

Oops. :blush: I did some Google-foo this morning. She seems to have been quite an extraordinary person. Thanks.