ArM5 for Feb: Hermetic Projects

So looking forward to this one!

Oooh that looks interesting! Must have!

(Wish I could have it NOW since I'm looking for an interesting project... but Feb will come soon enough, I suppose)



Yay! Must. Have. Now!

could be interesting indeed

Looks cool. I just buy all books that come out now, since things go out of print relatively quickly.

Cover's up! Pretty...

I'll admit. That's a nice font.


Loving the cover.

NIce! :smiley:

AM I the only one who do not really grasp what it depicts?

I read it as depicting at least two and probably three of the featured projects. Check out the book description again, they are mentioned there.

I was going to ask which one the third one was, but I think I realised :slight_smile:

Well, the projects, of course.
BUt still, I'm curious... how do we get all of three related like that ^^.

Personally, I only see one... but i didn't read the TOC.

Oooh the ToC is up! :smiley: ... ntents.pdf

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

I like how the various projects were chosen in part to also give random other useful information about how things work in Ars Magica. "Hey, people are curious about how volcanos can hurt their characters, and the process of constructing buildings and ships, and where ghosts come from, and how hard it is really to get an Arcane Connection to a person, and can magical animals procreate? ... let's just give them a bunch of info on stuff like that, as long as we're writing a cool book about magical projects."

Looks very fun. :smiley:

+1. Specially interested in the Intangible Tunnel section...

Indeed. My group has decided that, in order to prevent the drainage of a bit of Church-owned swampland with a Vis Source on it, it would be the best course of action to bribe the resident Bishop with the building of a full-blown cathedral. This book looks like it comes just in time :smiley:.

Surprised Alexandria wasn't on that list, but there's still a lot of room left to get that in...loving the volcano stuff, though. That'll be fun to get.