ArM5 game

I'd like to play (not SG) an ArM5 game.

I'm not really fussed on setting. I'd like to play something other than Criamon, Jerbiton or Tremere, although I'd play one if I had to. Happy to play companions.

You are always invited and welcome in my game :smiley:

I have a few games and am thinking about starting up a new saga. So welcome to my sagas if you wish.

Looking for a chance to play AM5, have never played an RPG by post though. Have my character idea posted on the forum (Galen, Ex-Misc Physician), ding me if you can help :slight_smile:

Currently, there is the covenant of Alerock with only 2 players (and 3 magi, as the SG has his own).
We are here on Atlas forum and our wiki (with useful informations) is here.

I'm thinking of trying something on the forum. Are you still interested?

I just wish the game threads had what system they were using and version of system.