Thanks to our intrepid former ArM5 line developer David Chart, there's now a brand new list of updated ArM5 errata up on our website. You can find it here:

Also new for ArM5 is the Grand Grimoire of Hermetic Spells, courtesy of Slerotin. You can find that here:

Again, thank you both for your excellent contributions!


A comment on the Grand Grimoire from one of my gaming group, and I quote:


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I'm very thankful for all the work. I wonder if @Slerotin would like help spotting all the errata to fix the spells in the grimoire?

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Any chance of making the grimoire searchable?


This is awesome!

Wonderful job!

A minor errata to the errata:

Copying Books (p. 166): Replace the third sentence of the first paragraph as follows. "When she has accumulated points equal to the level of an Art summa, or five times the level of an Ability summa, it has been copied."

It is actually the fourth sentence that should be replaced, at least in my versions of the book (both hardcopy and Digital version 1.0).

Inventive Genius got nerfed :frowning:
Ah well it was too powerful, and we finally got a proper flaw for non-cis/non-straight chars :smiley:

Yes, please. I found an errata page and attempted to incorporate the information into the Grimoire. There may be more out there.

I would love that myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save the Word document as a searchable PDF. I can't believe that I haven't noticed this over the years, given how many game PDFs I've made....

If someone has some advice on how to accomplish this, I could re-save the file as a searchable PDF and make it available.

I jumped the gun on my response. I'll take a look at the new errata page (updated August 2021!) and scrub my document again.

Huh? If you're using a lab text, you're reinventing rather than inventing something new. This isn't nerfing anything. If anything, it clarifies that you can use the bonus to invent something someone else has already invented but you don't have a lab text for. But it really wasn't too powerful. Puissant Magic Theory has always been generally better than it.

I've only done three ways recently. Normally I generate them from LaTeX, so that's not very friendly for you. I've also made pdf's directly from Word and GoogleDocs. All three have been searchable. That may be because I'm on a Mac. Are you in Windows, Mac OS X, or something else?

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If you need help making this into a PDF, talk to me. After doing the Animals of Mythic Europe, and now working on a PDF version of the new Errata, I think I have the skills for it.

I'd be very interested in getting that PDF version of the errata.

Once I get it done, I'll post a link to it, both on this thread, and on Discord.

This is the Errata in PDF form


That's pretty great, thank you.

Well, since learning a new spell is called "inventing" in the corebook, many, including me, thought that Inventive Genius applied to learning spells from Lab Texts. The reason for the correction is the fact that many people agreed.
So Inventive Genius has gone from applying to most lab activities, to a small minority of them, that's certainly a nerf! Enough so that I would consider it a situational virtue rather than an absolutely essential one...

It is not really a nerf, since this is how it was supposed to work all along, but agreed that the previous version of it was easy to misinterpret - which is why the clarification was made.

There exist two complimentary virtues
Adept Labratory Student, which applies when you work from a lab text
Inventive Genius, which applies to lab activities where you don't have a lab text - and thus there might be a need to be inventive.

However it was intended to work, before the errata it unambiguously applied to inventing spells using a lab text - it is a nerf, but definitely one that makes sense.