ArM5: Play by Discord. Brabonicum Refounded (1-2 more players)

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Campaign Title: Brabonicum Refounded
System: ArM5
Number of Players: 1 or 2 to join existing players
Deadline: No deadline, but my existing players are keen to get started again
Starting Level: Fresh from apprenticeship
OOC Notes: Characters must all be from House Tremere. Game is Tuesday 19.30-22.00(ish) UK time on a once a fortnight basis (due to my work commitments). There maybe occasional Sunday evenings at the same time play sessions (Normally when the Tribunal runs). The saga is part of a series of sagas (currently 4 active) in the Stonehenge Tribunal. Currently have 3 existing players the new players will be joining and players have the opportunity to interact with other magi in the other sagas in the campaign.

Other information: The saga is based at Brabonicum Covenant in the Far North of the Stonehenge Tribunal about 8 miles east of Carlisle. It is on the border with the Loch Legan Tribunal and has recently been refounded following its destruction at the hands of an army of giants. Hadrians Wall lies a mile or two to the North, marking the Tribunal border.

Contact via PM or Matt Lefeuvre/Aberlard on the Ars Discord for more information.

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Thanks for the interest game now full


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