ArM5 Spell Guidelines


Wondering if anybody compiled a list of all available spell guidelines anywhere?

Similar to the list of virtues&flaws or the list of material/shape boni...


Yes and no.

It's two documents one is the compiled ones from core that I think Atlas put out. Then there is an extended one that compiled everything from the other books. Someone posted it in a fairly recent thread. It is out there.

That first one from Atlas is one I wrote. I've recently been going through the more recent supplements to add newer guidelines. I'm not done yet and a bit busy right now, but I'm getting there. I'll submit it for Atlas to post the new version when I'm done, hopefully in early January.

The one I did and is hosted by Atlas is officially condoned and available for free. I have heard of this other one, but I think it contained things Atlas hadn't agreed to posting publicly. ... sp=sharing

It's the list I use.