ArM5 Whimsy: How would you mimic a Witcher like character in ArM5?

So somewhat whimsical, but perhaps less so than one of my previous whimsy attempts, Rochetto the Black Hrool...

I've been watching this on Netflix and have gone back to the game and picked up an Audiobook and after reading about Fectores (Slayers) again after watching the Dracula Netflix mini-series (well worth a watch, Claes Bang is great at realising the titular count) I was wondering how this sort of character might fit into the Transylvanian Tribunal as some sort of Tremere allied companion / hedge tradition. Sure there's anachronism but this is whimsy, let's run with it...

So how would you mimic a Witcher from the games / novels / Netflix series in ArM5 mechanics?

For those of you somehow unfamiliar, Witchers are a caste of monster slayer "mutants" created by rituals (I'm thinking potentially Mystery initiations here, with resulting Flaws) that are amongst other things, well-trained swordsmen, ashen in appearance, infertile, have cat-like eyes with low light vision and are bound by a code of honour.

They are very knowledgable in monster habits and weaknesses (either specific or Realm Lores), know how to read some ancient languages, have proficiency with minor Alchemy/Herbalism (including making simple gunpowder based bombs) and have some minor magical effects known as "Signs" they can invoke at will with only hand gestures (no verbal requirement) that seemingly cost Fatigue. These latter abilities include a protective shield against physical attacks (ReTe(He) or Re(An) perhaps), a ward against spirits (ReVi), producing flame (CrIg), a telekinetic blasts that pushes back enemies (probably ReAu given the visual effect implied) and minor mind control (ReMe) - they're more like Minor Powers or set spells than spontaneous magic as such and tend to be locked into set manifestations.

Thoughts appreciated!

I'd write them up as Magic-kin, which means they have Magic Might, with some Inherited Virtues that emulate the physical resilience they display in the series.. They would also be proficient in Magic, Faerie and Infernal Lore as well as Alchemy and/or Herbalism.

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Hmm I hadn't thought of making them Magic Kin actually...

  • A variant of Redcap to have access to good training (XP) martial and arcane skills.

  • Mythic blood. A power that pushes away stuff (from what I have seen in the series).

  • Mythic Alchemy. You can have contact poisons and put them in clay recipients. They cause wounds on contact so you can throw them as grenades, simulating the gunpowder thing you say.

  • Eyes of the cat as a minor virtue looks ok

  • High stamina score. maybe +5. (2 more virtues)

  • Inoffensive to animals (or Animal Companion)

  • Magical air,

  • Cursed: must always speak bluntlyHe certainly sucks at social interaction

  • The thing from Grogs about getting a bad reputation if he stays too long in a single place.

  • Lecherous? Lost love? Sense of doom?

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It depends on how you want to integrate him in the Hermetic Society. Perhaps Failed Apprentice would suit the concept, giving him access to a good array of Abilities.

  • I'd give him a couple of times the 'Lesser Power' virtue from RoP:M to symbolize the use of signals. And it goes well with the video game feel since it costs fatigue.
  • Magical Air, as @Xavi says is a must, if you ask me.
  • If you want to make a strict Geralt, pick Disfigured (Albino).
  • Unaging seems quite fitting to me.
  • Perhaps an Immunity to Poisons or Illness?
  • And of course you have Sharp Ears, Vision, Lightning Reflexes, Tough... All of them suit the concept, but it depends on the 'power' you want him to have, since maybe a Mythic Companion is the answer.
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So thanks for all the inout and suggestions so far.

Magical Air is implied if not Gifted yes.

Xavi's comments about a variant Redcap strike a chord - and yes Thaemir I'd assumed a Mythic Companion level character eg 20/10 V/F balance like many of the other significant hedge traditions.

I'm actually wondering about Faerie Realm alignment... reading some of the books and even the series, a lot of the "monsters" seem to have Traditional Wards - maybe that's just how the folklore has translated across and I'd note I only have a partial grasp of the series lore so far. Lesser Powers work similarly regardless of Realm except in regard to the Divine/Infernal reaction really and that's hard to judge as the Witcher is a bit vague on religion being supernatural.

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Fectores definately seem like the most logical fit for a Witcher-like character. The Ritual to transform one into this "mutant" like creature could very well be represented by a Virtue of Transformed Being. From there you can purchase Qualities and Inferiorities that best represent their magical nature.

Making them into Gifted Companions allows you the full breath of Fectores Magic (all Practice Arts & 3 Foe Arts). Granted it might limit you to only a certain kind of enemy, but you can always self initiate into additional Foe Arts later.

Various Realm Lores are a must of course.

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I definitely agree with the fectores as the first thing that came to mind.

Definitely. And I defy you to disagree.

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