Armor for Familiars (Photos, not discussion)

There just has to be a Verditius, somewhere in the Order of Hermes, who specializes in stuff like this:

Definitely worth checking out!


Nice ^^

But in our saga every PC familiar and nearly every NPC familiar can change into a human, so they usualy use the human form in order to use human armor and weapons to fight (and help in the lab, learning more about humans ect).

In fact the Pcs dont know this extremly good looking and powerful sword fighter with great supernatural powers was the familiar of Murion until he changes into his raven form... the same for his "training" opponent the dark haired and cruel daggerfighter that was tentaorius cat Oswald... damn this was a nixe scene at the tribunal meeting. ^^

So. Very. Cool.

And. So. Very. Hillarious.