Ars 5th Edition: Curse of the Rhine Gorge (3-11 players)

Campaign Title: Curse of the Rhine Gorge
System: Ars Magica, Fifth Edition
Setting: Rhine Tribunal
Players Wanted: 3-11 players
Posting Rate: daily while on adventures, less if not involved in an adventure (minimum once per month to schedule seasonal tasks for the year)
Rules: RAW.
Deadline: May 30
Campaign Description:

Campaign is being run on mythweavers website.

I posted a description of my interest and limitations here:

If you are willing to work with that for your game, I can reliably post at the requested frequency, and would be interested in trying it. My first thought is a minor specialist in healing, assuming that also covers longevity potions.

Joel Halpern

I would be interested in playing.

I was thinking of a Merenita magus with strong faerie blood.

Hi Joel, You are certainly welcome as is your son if he would like. Please post your character ideas here.

Sounds good. Follow the link and we can get started with your character design. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will post information where you indicated.
I was also thinking of a Strong Faerie Blood Mernita. If that looks like too much overlap I can shift.

I've been wanting to play a Guernicus or Tremere: the serious, studious type. Is there room? :smiley:

We have six players so far with room for 5 more players. Follow the links above and submit a character. I am hoping someone will play a Guernicus so that someone other than the SG will be on the hook for interpreting Hermetic Law! :slight_smile: We also have a couple of potential Hoplites so a Guernicus character would likely lead a strong faction within the covenant but you can submit whatever character you wish.