Ars Harnica: The Covenant of Via Munitus (Rpol)

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I'm opening it for RTJ's at this point. As indicated below, I don't plan on making any quick decisions on apps for a few weeks. Some of the information is now available to read but I'm still in the process of editing it.

Applications/RTJ's are not on a first-come basis.

Campaign Summation:
The game of Ars Harnica takes place in the world of Harn. The map, cultures, languages and much of the history remains Harnic but the overall setting has been changed to Mythic Europe. The purpose of this is to provide more freedom in the game. By avoiding any realism in setting, we can make or break things as we see fit without someone crying foul.

The setting is also more fantastic in that magic is more open. This has advantages and disadvantages in that there are many more foes out there for the Order to contend with while it allows more freedom of action in responding to threats.

Game Premise:

The starting year is 704, by Tuzyn Reckoning, and you have accepted the challenge of restoring a covenant that is struggling under poor circumstances. The covenant lies on the distant island of Harn, renowned for magic and strange occurrences, and rumored to be a place of great adventure and danger.

The covenant of Via Munitus was formed in 661TR on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Kaldor. The Founding Members consisted of Ealchere ex Jerbiton from Havarus Peak, Astrigonius ex Criamon from Querion Hall and Vevrina ex Miscellanea of Cad Gadu. With the services of a magus from the Esevria covenant in Chelemby they raised a tower for the covenant and have resided within it since that time. There have been a series of unfortunate incidents with the members of the covenant in the preceding years. As a result, an invitation was offered for magi to join the covenant of Via Munitus on the island of Harn.

[i]Greetings sodales,

I write to you from the wonderful island of Harn in the Gulf of Eder. My name is Vevrina and I write this as the sole remaining member of the covenant of Via Munitus. Through a series of unfortunate events, I write this alone from my home and sanctuary. The departure of my friend and fellow council member, Adaelia ex Flambeau, with her filia, to the Varduin Tribunal leaves our halls quiet and desolate.

I write so that adventurous and capable souls will cross the Gulf of Eder to join my covenant and further the good name of Via Munitus for decades, nay, centuries to be. Do not be dismayed for our covenant is strong in resources and knowledge. We have thrived here on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Kaldor, at Mount Nhytloc between the Kald and Hemurin Rivers, for almost fifty years. In that time, we have grown our library, expanded our resources and accumulated much that should serve as sufficient enticement to encourage your acceptance of my invitation. The island of Harn is rich in magical wonders, fountains of vis and many strange and exotic creatures. I offer you the opportunity of a lifetime; to come to the fabled Wizarding Isle and grow in your Art.

I have chartered a vessel, the Malignant Praise, to ferry all those who would take up this offer. It will arrive in the port of Parahal, in the Kingdom of Palithane, in two month’s time. There it shall provide you transport across the violent seas and, fear not, for her Captain, Menodas, is a seasoned hand. He will take you to the port of Burzyn, in the Kingdom of Chybisa on the mainland of Harn. I will have our trusted retainers there to bring you to us with all possible haste.

I look forward to new faces and strong souls within the walls once again. Until we meet!

Vevrina ex Miscellanea, Covenant of Via Munitus
By my hand, the 16th of Peonu, in the Year 704.[/i]

RTJ Information
Open recruitment will remain in place for a few weeks in May. I am going on vacation at the end of May and so the game will not start until June at the earliest.

I am looking for two people to begin the Saga. I will add more, from the pool of RTJ's, as long as things move in the desired manner. All information posted is subject to change.

Closing recruitment this weekend on May 12, 2012.

Removed, since I posted it to Rpol.

Recruiting for 1-2 Players

We're replacing one character but am willing to consider 2 if applications dazzle and amaze... or bribes are sufficient.

Current Situation of Via Munitus Over The Past Five Years

Situated outside of Kaldor, the covenant of Via Munitus had fallen to one member before the recent influx of young magi. Kaly ex Flambeau, Meridoc ex Jerbiton and Shuba Bjornaer ex Wilkis have made their mark on the covenant. The Sheriff of Kaldor has bound them into paying a tithe for ignoring their presence in the Hemura Forest Shire. The restoration of the turb continues with the recruitment of a new captain and several recruits to replace aging loyals. Two of the magi have left the tower on a scouting expedition only to encounter a Gargun raiding party and its victims. The Winter Council of 708 approaches and Vilmar ex Bonisagus will be taking his leave of the covenant to study on the continent. A book deal and the work of the magi has expanded the library, vis sources are reliable. The magi look with concern to the upcoming confrontation over vis rights with Ostium Domus, a covenant that seized control of their Intellego supply several years earlier. In 709, the binding agreement ends and the two covenants will once again compete for the resource.

This game takes place on Rpol, all information indicated above is accurate or only updated for the timeline

Recruiting for 1-2 Players
We lost our Bjornaer with much sadness. The covenant is down to three magi (2 player/1 NPC) and the storm clouds are gathering. Meridoc ex Jerbiton is away in the north of Kaldor meeting with Critacius of Ostium Domus to duel for the resources of Acantriata's Winter Web. This meeting has become something more sinister as Acantriata, an Elder Power, has passed on a warning to the magi. Even so, the magi prepare to duel for the Intellego vis.

Back at the covenant, blood has been spilled as a raiding party of Gargun have stumbled across covenfolk! Two grogs strive to save the lives of their fellows and strike the foes down as another races to alert the covenant. Hopefully his shouts will be heard by the Flambeau in time...[/i]

Things slowed down for a bit due to my RL situation but we're still moving along! All information in previous posts stands. I can answer any questions as well through PM or here. Once these posts are finished, the year will be almost done and its a fine time to add new characters.