Ars Magica 2nd printing?

I'm sorry if this has been up before, but is the 2nd printing out? I asked about it in the store I buy my stuff from in London, but they hadn't heard anything about it.
Enlighten me please :slight_smile:


Yes, it's out. It's not that different from the first printing, so we didn't specifically notify retailers.

The easiest difference to spot is that the second printing has an ISBN-13 given at the bottom of the credits page, and the first doesn't.

Has the erratta from the 1st printing been fixed in the 2nd printing?

btw, David, yesterday I picked up a 3rd edition adventure by you, published in White Wolf Magazine #35. Fun stuff. I thought it an interesting take that you had a non-hermetic sorcerous have a magic might score. A lot has changed since then....

Here's the link to the .pdf purhase, for only 2 bucks!! ... ts_id=3633


That was my first professionally-published piece of work. It was actually written for ArM2, but ArM3 came out before it was published. I don't recall doing any substantial revisions to account for that, either.

White Wolf pinched the character and tower for old Mage: the Technocracy was founded in her tower. I don't think she showed up in Ars Magica again, though.

So, yes, a lot has changed since then.