Ars Magica 4th Edition, From the Ruins, 3-5 Players

NB: This is a fourth edition saga)

Campaign Title: From the Ruins (a working title only)
System: Ars Magica 4th Edition

of Players: 3-5

Deadline: TBA
Starting Level: Newly Gauntleted as per the book.
Advancement Rules: As per the book. Bonus points will be given for keeping an IC journal, which will be published at the end of the saga... or at the end of your characters life.
Combat Rules: Minor combats will be handled by narrative, major combats (in which a Magus may be injured) will be played out round by round with all dice rolls handled by SG.
Dice-Rolling Rules: SG will handle all rolls.
Special Rules: Not all members of House Guernicus are Quaesitors, though a majority do hail from that house. The Quaesitor virtue is replaced with the Mercurian Magic virtue. I have never liked the idea of a 'police house' and is the simplest way to change the situation whilst allowing the house to retain a distinctive flavour. No Quaesitores at the start of the saga. Attempts to kill fellow Magi PC's (unless via a Wizards War) will almost certainly fail and/or result in discovery by the order so are therefore effectively suicide. Faerie magic and book rules from Wizards Grimoire.
Posting Rate: Every 2-3 days during quiet periods, every day during active periods.
Absences: The situation will be reviewed once a week, three strikes and you are out. If we have 4-5 players I will allow permit pre-arranged vacations.
Writing Expectations: If you can write a decent conversation and provide clear orders that is good enough for me.
Text Formatting: Description will be italics, speech marks and normal text for conversation, normal text for orders/ooc, red text to be used for SG statements on the rules.
Plot- or Character-Driven: Primarily character driven.
Focus: The motivations of the Magi will be the primary focus of the campaign, as a result all aspects may be touched upon to some extent.
Character Types: No Quaesitores, though attaining such a rank is a valid goal. All character types are excepted, so long as a proper background is provided. (Relationship with parens, family, religious views, motivations, appearence etc).
Campaign Description: A spring covenant establish in the ruins of a former Covenant wizard marched for diabolism. Resources will be tight and the first few years should be a struggle.

PS: If this site no longer hosts 4th ed games, or even if it does then I may use a seperate forum to host the game.