Ars magica 5: Amber Eyes [4 players]

Campaign Title: Amber Eyes
Description: The night before your gauntlet you wake from a vivid dream. Amber Eyes, and a magical, melodious voice is all you remember. But there is something else, nagging at the back of your mind...
System: Ars Magica, Fifth Edition
Setting: You start anywhere. I'll lead the characters together.
Players Wanted: I want 4 players
Posting Rate: 2 to 4 times a week
Combat Rules: normal.
Dice Rules: Roll dice at home or use an online dice roller. Don't cheat.
Advancement Rules: I'll make using vis for learning easier than it is atm.
Special Rules: Mostly RAW. I'll nerf PeVi spells somehow. Make consistent characters rather than characters that are rules exploits. You can take Attributes at -2 or -3, but I will make you pay for them (like getting exhausted from carrying a book if you've got Str -3). The Gift's effects are strong in this game, making magi disliked by animals, people and supernatural beings.
style: There won't be a beta-storyguide, but I expect you to do most of your bookkeeping yourselves (or looking out for each other). Grogs die a lot in my games. I do not ever use discord.

Character creation: Magus only, at gauntlet, no older than 23. I dislike straying too far from the core book/houses of Hermes. I have a particular distaste for all things religious and complicated accelerated abilities and exotic stuff. I will keep applications open until I have four characters I like (and I will turn away characters that do not fit my game idea). You each pick a shield-grog from the pregens in the core book, give it a name and a distinguishable quality (flatulence, left-handed, spits, ginger hair,...). You have a given story flaw, which is Visions (and can't have another one until the first one is resolved).

Interested. Should we just post applications here?

Three or so sentences on the concept plus virtues and flaws will be enough for starters. If your character was going in a direction that didn't work at all, I could tell you before you put in all the effort.

Someone else is building a verditius magus for this, so if overlap bothers you, go for a different house.

Wilhelm was born in a covenant, found there and apprenticed to a Jerbiton, but taken by a visiting Bonisagus early on in his apprenticeship. Due to his involvement in several disastrously failed experiments by his parens, Wilhelm's potential lifespan has been drastically reduced. He has the ability to deal with mundane problems very well, but he doesn't like to, preferring to focus on trying to solve his own problems of longevity, and attempting to make his mark on the history of the order so his name will be remembered when he is gone. He is a gifted researcher desperate for achievement before age takes him, who finds that he is constantly called away from his laboratory to deal with mundane problems that he's sure someone else should be able to handle. He doesn't allow himself to focus on bitterness or anger about his shortened life, but he is very intense and generally impatient, and can be quite cantankerous about frivolous demands on his time.

Free: Puissant Magic Theory
Gentle Gift, Quiet Magic x2, Subtle Magic, Inventive Genius, Affinity with Magic Theory, Affinity with Mentem, Affinity with Imaginem

Covenant Upbringing, Age Quickly, Difficult Longevity Ritual, Small Frame, Ambitious (Minor), Visions

Nice, straight-forward magus. I totally understand him. A classic Jerbiton - with a clever twist.
There hasn't been that much interest in this game yet, but if this flies, you have a ticket (business class, window seat, no mask needed).

Feel free to finish the character in the game forum. Can you make a thread for yourself, after joining the player's group ?

If you can't, I'll make one for you.

Is this game still accepting players?

I think this ones dead on arrival sadly