Ars Magica 5: Curse of the Rhine Gorge [6-12 players] on Roll20

  • This game will be run on Roll20 using a hybrid PBP/live session format.

  • Pace will average 1 season per real world week, probably slightly slower for the first season and for Tribunals. Everyone is expected to post their seasonal activities each week (which can be queued up for multiple seasons in advance) however not everyone is expected to play in each week's live session.

  • Alpha-SG will choose a story to run based upon declared seasonal activities, character story hooks, covenant hooks and other story arcs and announce the general hook and intended magi/companions

  • Beta-SGs are welcome to run sessions for other activities if they wish for the season.

  • Players of the magi and companions involved in a session are expected to play (time slot will be adjusted as best as possible to meet their schedule). Other players can join as grogs if they wish with a normal practical limit of 8 players in a single session (initial session and Tribunals will likely involve everyone).

  • A single player may not play a mage and a companion in the same session although multiple grogs by the same player will be allowed.

  • A mage/companion with a story flaw can expect to see a story centered on their character approximately every 3 months (3 years game time). Two or more story flaws are likely to be tied into each session's plot.

  • A reclusive mage without a story flaw that stays in his lab for years at a time is a fine concept as long as the player posts his seasonal activities on time and participates in any covenant decisions by posts.

  • PBP is mainly intended for seasonal activities, general covenant discussions, planning sessions and sending letters in game. (Real time discussions, excluding extended internal covenant discussions, will be done in live sessions).

  • Initial characters will be freshly post-Gauntlet (with some background details being fleshed out during character creation).

  • This will be a starting from nothing scenario.

  • Players are expected to be covenant-less for the first year of game play (1-2 real months) although they may take advantage of other covenant hospitality rules.

  • Player mages will be gifted 3 pawns of vis or equivalent (less for tormenting master flaw or more for mentor virtue) by their parens upon passing their gauntlet, which is enough to pay for a year of hospitality at another covenant.

  • The troupe will collectively determine what they would like the Covenant build to look like at the end of the year however they must determine how they intend to accomplish those goals.

  • By the end of Tribunal in the second year the covenant should be founded assuming the party is successful in negotiations

  • The other Covenants are tradition-bound to provide a gift to a newly founded covenant (normally Roots of the Art books Q21 L7) but characters can try to influence those gifts prior to the Tribunal to better get the Covenant build they desire.

  • Most of the rulebooks are available to be used. Players are just asked to give some advance notice if using esoteric rules during live sessions (by post doesn't matter since there is plenty of time to review rules).

  • The game currently has 6 players (3 veteran Ars Magica 3 players + 3 new players) looking for 6 more players to join. New or veteran players are welcome, even if you have already played the Curse of the Rhine Gorge or read the content, as the game will quickly evolve beyond the sourcebooks.

  • Submit a basic mage character concept with House by Feb 1 and those accepted will be sent a link to join the Roll20 campaign site.

  • As of this moment, the party magi include:

    • A family-minded Gentle Gift Jerbiton mage, with a fertility focus, looking to marry a maga, preferably Mercere, with which to found a magical dynasty.
    • A reclusive Criamon
    • A Guernicus Quaesitor seeking Hoplite allies to root out corruption.

Interested, but depending how soon you start and what time zones any potential games might be in. I am in EST (utc -5).

Most players are in EST. Sessions would be 3-4 hours and are likely to change each week depending upon player availability. Possible 4 hour time slots would be sometime between 6:00 PM-Midnight Monday - Friday, excluding Tuesdays or between 8:00 AM - Midnight on Saturday or Sunday. Times quoted are in EST.

I was targeting start the week of Feb 9 but it may be pushed out a week depending upon how soon characters get created.

Is there still space in this game?

Yes there is still space. The game is maxed at 12 players. We currently have 7 players with 1 Alpha-SG and 2 beta-SGs. To start you would only be able to create a companion however for the Tribunal of 1221 (expected to begin sometime between April 26 and May 3 in real life) you would be able to introduce a freshly gauntleted mage that could join the covenant as one of its founders.

The game is currently really low power as the troupe has simply located its covenant sites (main covenant in Waldheim with a chapter house in Trier) and is building everything from scratch. By the Tribunal of 1221 the covenant should be the equivalent of a Spring Covenant in terms of build points. The game is expected to escalate from really low power to very high power over time but players need to expect significant challenges along the way. It is meant to be a very tough game especially to start. If this still sounds like something that would interest you then PM me.

Hello, would it still be possible to join the game?

Hate to tell you man, but it just closed down.