Ars Magica 5: Mystikae Eikona (1 or 2 players)

This ArM5 saga actually was begin about 15 months ago using a blog, a wiki and an email list. For a variety of reasons it lost steam (mostly because I was not in good health) but the players kept adding to the background and it still has great potential. I'm better, and the covenant of Mystikae Eikona is calling. :slight_smile:

This is pretty standard ArM5, Core rules with Covenants and bits of True Lineages. I'm not very interested in complicating things with various other books, though I am always willing to listen to arguments for or against bits and pieces. We do use background info from various older editions (Levant, for example) and I'm assimilating the various writings on Arabic magic etc given that this saga is set in Cappadocia, technically outside either Thebes or the Levant.

Go here to read about the covenant of Mystikae Eikona.

Go here to visit the ME wiki.

Go here to read the (sadly far too few) blog posts on "what has gone before".

New characters should not be brand new, straight from apprenticeships etc. They would have at least a handful of years of experience. But see below, and remember it never hurts to ask if you have something you really want to play. Take a look at the wiki and see what we already have in place--think about how your choices could enhance that. And see below about characters.

Posting would generally be one major story post a week, plus supplementary depending on the actions taken by players. Posting could be more frequent if we all seem to be comfortable with a faster rate. Players would be expected to respond within three days or so--slow posters would generaly find themselves relegated to NPC status for a particular post, though they'd be back in the forefront once they were posting again.

I think we were developing into a mix of plot and character driven styles. While I have a few plots and subplots tentatively charted (I mean, come on, it's smack between Thebes and Levant and has managed to put off selecting a Tribunal for 70+ years, like THAT's NOT going to be a plot element :slight_smile:, for the most part I am more than willing to have the characters suggest directions to take. You all are the well and the pump, I am merely the one who sometimes pours water in to prime the creativity.

Three of the five original players have already signed on for the rebirth and I expect a fourth. I also hope to find one or two more people who would like to participate. When all is said and done, I would like a total of 5 to 6 players.

If you are interested you have a number of options:

  1. You could begin with a totally new character, but probably not a magus (since there are eight, four NPC and four PC).
  2. You could take over one of the NPC magi or one of the covenant folk (the doctor should probably be a companion, for example) and a character sheet would be provided plus instructions on personalizing to suit your own needs.
  3. You could just sit in and take whomever needs to be played until you want to create your own.
    4, You could be very brave and offer to be beta story guide and take a big load off my back (and learn many secrets--and create your own too :slight_smile:

That's the long and short of it for now. Discuss here if you like, I'll try to answer questions. Probably will not get off the ground until after Pascha (that's Easter for you non-Orthodox).

Thanks for your interest!

Kevin Payne
erstwhile Storyguide
Quincy, IL

I've actually read your wiki for Mystikae Eikona, always hoping to see more. I would be interested in taking over a NPC magi, depending on the choices I guess.
I've got several years of Ars experience, having played since the early days of 4th. I am a little rusty, but I have Metacreator which helps me when I forget stuff.

This saga now has its own PbP folder, and will be getting underway with an initial game posting on Sunday or Monday.

We could still use one more person, preferably someone who does not need to play a magus to begin with. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing a Mythic Companion of some sort (in order to have some parity with the five magi already in the game).

If you have any interest in being involved, pitch me a character proposal.

Thanks, and for all the folks who aren't playing, we hope you enjoy the show!

Kevin Payne
(also argentios_bard, when playing or generally reading the fora)


I am friend of one of your current players (Ivan) I would like to play one of the mythic companion classes. I have not played much Ars before but am keen to get into this RPG.

Please me contact me on or via Ivan if you are happy for me to play

Currently designing and reading up on a mythic compainion I would like to play


Hello all!

After a long hiatus (once again due to my health--which I am pleased to note is now excellent though I do NOT recommend cancer as a weight loss method, still it worked wonders for me : ) Mystikae Eikona has been reactivated due to intense interest by the original troupe, who after all had a lot invested.

So we are once again looking for 1 or 2 players to join up.

The original post here seeking players still applies pretty much but if at all possible, if you are willing and interested in playing a companion that would really flesh out the covenant well. However magus charcters will be gladly considered.

Please read all that has been posted in the Mystikae Eikona PbP forum. Note that Chapter 0 was written by me SOLELY to get everyone on the same page with "what has already happened" and that when a Chapter 1 goes up then will be the time to begin play and comment.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Sorry to hear about you r health problems. Are there any specifics that your are looking for in search of the players?

I wouldn't mind playing a companion (possibly a Redcap?) , though magi are also fun. I will look over all your resources to get an idea of what's gone before.

Looking for a few more players for our Monday night game 6:30 - 9:30 EST some times it runs longer every Monday on G/Roll20. reply below or send me a message