Ars Magica 5 pdfs now on Bundle of Holding!

OK, I'm not sure if I have simply not seen the thread, but seriously, head on over to

Even if like me you have everything for 5th ed, getting the pdfs is always useful in this day of tablets and things...

cj x

Oh! Thanks. My digital ArM library is now a few more steps towards completion. :slight_smile:

I did have the core book and the Hermetic Houses books, but Apprentices and Lion and the Lily are very welcome in PDF.

Argh, these PDFs don't come with bookmarks. Raaaaaaage.

Ah well.

I think we failed to announce it. I'll do an announcement post now, to make sure that people notice.

Yay, ToME was added!
Finally missing enough to be worth it!

Just a reminder that there is less than 16 hours to go on the bundle of holding. It's still under $25 for nine ArM5 PDFs.

Last chance!