Ars Magica 5th Ed over Skype/IM for a newbie?

Yeah, I know, I'm asking for a lot, but is it possible? I just finished reading Ars Magica's Core rulebook pdf from cover to virtual cover sans parts of the Mythic Europe chapter which I mostly skimmed, and I really want to play the system, as I've heard many good things about it and the whole playstyle seems amazing to me.

I mean, I like all of it that I've seen. The spell system looks deserving of its renown as one of the best spell systems in all of RPG's, the troupe-style play reeks of awesome, and the whole thing is very detailed, awesome, and unique in its own weird way. Plus, I happen to be a fan of things taking a while to be worth anything, and I'm really into the fact that adventuring isn't the only or even the best way to advance your character.

Looks quite a bit too politics-heavy compared to what I think I know how to handle, admittedly, especially in the canon setting, but I suppose that's just bound to end up being a thing with what the system bases itself around.

So, yeah. I'm not a fan of the pacing of Play-by-Post, so I'd really like to have the whole scheduled-online-meetings shtick going, be that through Skype or maybe an Instant Messaging format (I honestly prefer vocal interaction, but I also totally understand personal security/privacy concerns, so IM formats are my sort of compromise on that regard).

Also, even though I just read the rulebook through, you must remember my status as nub; I hardly have all the rules memorized simply from that read-through.

I know there are pre-made character blocks in the book, but I feel like I should get used to character creation now rather than later, and I'd prefer to avoid conforming to preset concepts because I'm not terribly good with playing a character somebody else made. Like, suggestions don't hinder me, but especially given the existence of Virtues and Flaws which immensely affect characters and their outlooks, I just can't play a complex character who I didn't personally get in the head of. I can probably wing it for one-off grogs, but the companions and magi are just too personal to me.

In other words, if somebody could help walk me through any confusing parts, that would be much appreciated too.

Simply for ease at start and getting the full breadth of experience, I'd like to start right after finishing my maga/us's Apprenticeship. Maybe even go through my Gauntlet right at the start, though that's iffy because getting into a covenant from that early point is a bit weird (or so I hear).

No need for us to stick to Core or strict RAW... In fact, avoiding either of those restrictions is probably best. Especially since I was hoping to play an Ex Miscellanea Maga with some hedge stuff, though if you think I'm overloading myself and the game SHOULD just be Core, well, your call, future Storyteller.

So, anybody want to help this newb get on his feet?