Ars Magica 5th Edition- Slieve League

There are many ways such a thing could play out, and only one of those ways has to lead to actual physical conflict. After all, the Code does prohibit most such action, and for my part I think it might be fun to have characters forced to work together who might otherwise have tension between them. Arthurian legend is full of such stories!

Which is just a long way to say that you don't have to rule anything out.

If you are well versed in Arthurian legends and Irish mythology Id love to have a chat with you (maybe through one of the IM clients?).

I have Yahoo, MSN and ICQ installed so let me know.

It would help me to solidify my thoughts on magus type and background.


Yeah, a chapter of my dissertation is on Malory. I'm not perfect, but I'm happy to do what I can.

I'm not in the habit of using IM, but I think I do have YIM installed. Today I'll be at work and, depending on what desk I am at, I may have Google chat, which works pretty smoothly. My email address is jason dot tondro at gmail dot com; if I show up as online, hail me!

Otherwise, I've got YIM installed. I'll send you a PM or something this afternoon or evening and we can try to hook up.

Maybe better tomorrow (Saturday) as I live in Europe so the time difference is 9 hours between us (if you are still on the West Coast). Morning time for you would make it early evening for me in that case which would be fine for me.

Btw: Liam, might I ask what the aura level of this existing covenant happens to be?

Does it already have other magi since it is a Winter covenant ala reborn to Spring or were the previous members all wiped out, deceased or off to Twilight? If any remain, could we get some background on them to help us work our backgrounds in a bit better?


Great character, Dr J :smiley:

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't posted. I've been away for a few days.

I see the forum is up for Slieve League. I'll start posting more information on the covenant, reviewing character sheets, and answering your questions very soon.


Ok guys feel free to start posting in the Slieve League forums.

Covenant info and background will be posted by tomorrow.


Still banging my head to finalise a character concept, sorry. Should be ready by the weekend.

Edited to add: Liam I have another friend here in town that has played Ars back in fourth ed with me and is interested to play online with us. If you have room for one more it would be great. He's just waiting for his board registration to be activated so he can post.

I fear he'll wait a while: Already 2 weeks and still nothing for Ardath :frowning:

As per me, as I'll be playing a companion to boxer, I wait for his character

Sure there is still room. Have him send a second email inquiring about his account. I think requests fall through the cracks sometimes. The noisey wheel gets the grease after all.

No hurry on the characters you have time. I just got a call from my gameshop and they told me the books I ordered won't be in until next week. I don't want to start playing until I have all of my reference material.


Who is the "He" you are referring to and what does Ardath have to do with this saga?

Yes, I told him to send another email and AFAIK he has.

That sounds good, my creative juices flow better when not under pressure.

Thanks again!

"He" is your friend.

I tried to create an "ardath" account for madmax saga, just as Birbin again did with manius niger, but it hasn't yet been activated. It seems the atlas staff is very busy.

=> He may have to wait a long time :frowning:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I understand.

Yes, he might. :frowning:

Player roster so far.

The Fixer
Mad Max
Doctor J

If anyone else is interested in playing send me a PM.