Ars Magica 5th Edition- Slieve League

Ok so I broke down and bought 5th edition :slight_smile: . Who's ready to play?
Campaign Title: Slieve League
System: Ars Magica 5th Edition
Players Wanted: 4-8
Posting Rate: Min 4 times a week. Everyday is preferable.
Combat Rules: By the book.
Dice-Rolling Rules: Online dice at: Always use your forum handle as a name. In the Note field be sure to record what the roll is for. The results page will provide a link, paste it into your post.
Advancement Rules: By the book
Special Rules: None yet.
Deadline: ASAP. I will start as soon as I have 4+ players.
Campaign Description: The covenant of "Bardaigh Tur" sits atop the tall windswept sea cliffs of Slieve League in western Eire. It is an old, remote covenant with a long history and many secrets. You know little of it, other than whispered rumors that circulate through the order regarding its charter. Most older magi refer to its members as "the vigilant". What they watch for no one knows, or at the very least they won't say.

Id love to join.

Are we to design characters straight out of gauntlet or do you want more seasoned characters? (i.e. 5 - 10 years out)

Bardaigh Tur is a winter covenant that has recently been reborn into spring. The new Praeco has sent out an invitation only to newly proven Magi straight out of gauntlet.

Please sign me up! I've been on the wait list for Max's game, and eager to play something.

Since the game is in Ireland, I am leaning towards a Bjornaer "swanmay" or a Merinita "Lady of the Lake" sort.

Since you just got the core rules, should I presume that only that book should be used when it comes to characters, and not anything from, for example, the various "Houses of Hermes" books?

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. How soon do you want our characters?

I may be interested, IF there are places (I'm already playing mad max's game, so take me in only if you lack people), and probably for minor roles only (grogs, maybe companions), at least at first.

Boxer- Try to get them to me by next week. I'm flexible but want to get rolling asap. As soon as I get 4 players I'll start.

DoctorJ- Yes that is correct just stuff from the core rules for the time being.

Fixer- We can make room, especially if you plan on playing companions and Grogs.

Ok Roster so far is...


Hmm just core rules makes it difficult to design adequate characters given that the real meat of the Houses is in their own respective HoH chapters. Is there any way to work around this?

I'll see if I can borrow it from someone. Are there any other books you recommend?

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults has all the info on the two Houses which I am considering: Merinita and Bjornaer. In particular, the Bjornaer chapter has details and corrections on how magi adopt Heartbeast form (what their characteristics and abilities become, etc) and the Clans of the House (which would help inform my character's background), while House Merinita has errata for the Faerie Magic Ability, and includes other Mysteries which my character would aspire to but would not -- at the start of play -- know.

I have the book, and may be able to show you the few things especially appropriate to my character.


Do you have a space left for me?


Liam, The three House books you should reference for any and all eventualities are Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults (as Doctor J mentioned), Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, and Societates.

These three books cover 4 houses each and provide all the necessary background and additional elements for proper 5th edition character making.

I have he first two and might be borrowing the third on the weekend to help me determine which of several possible types of magus I want to play. I too would be happy to pass along any info you might need.

Same thing here.
Moreso, I should be able to make copies of some infos through metacreator (just copy-paste) if you need the precise description of a given virtue. It'll be faster than just writing it by text.

That sounds like a good idea for the short term. It will get us started at least.

I will eventually get the books. :slight_smile: So yes go ahead and use the HoH books for character creation. To give you some idea of my plans for the saga that may influence your choices....The saga will have plenty of action with just as much political intrigue(inside and outside the order). You will be dealing with the Fey (and possibly the church) quite a bit. Bardaigh Tur has some powerful enemies in the tribunal, that look upon it with jealousy and covet it's resources. I will post more detail when the forum is set up.

Mad max has just joined us. The current roster is...

Mad Max

Any thing we should know about before creating characters? Should they be right out of gauntlet or could some years have passed by? ANything else that might be important?


That question was already asked and answered above Max. :wink:

Thanks BoXer, you know the first thing you get blind on is the eyes... :unamused:

A very logical statement of the obvious :wink: lol.

Wow, it's like all the same people. Except, with me in it!

This is the character I am leaning towards, Vivian of Merinita, a Lady of the Lake.

Wonderfully imaginative character, bravo!

Only downside is that it completely obliterates one idea I was toying with to create a descendant of Merlin, lol. Don't think that would make a very harmonious covenant setting for either of us, so back to the drawing board.