Ars Magica 5th edition: To Boldly Go

Campaign Title: To Boldly Go
System: Ars Magica 5th edition
Players Wanted: More than 6 would be a hassle.
Posting Rate: Biweekly, but more is OK on personal adventures.
Combat Rules: Combat will be played by you PMing me your response to the initial scenario, then me saying what happens. You may then PM me with fastcast spells if you like. The idea is to compress multiple rounds into a singled round. Combat is more likely to be cinematic and showy than in a count-your-ammo game.
Dice-Rolling Rules: DIY.
Advancement Rules: I have no idea.
Special Rules: Do not take story-related flaws without permission. OK, so that sounds harsh. Bascially I'd prefer that you didn't set up characters filled with story flaws because we all know that PBP games fail, and are unstable, so there's no point designing a guy with dependents and an oath and all of this business which we all know you will never actually pay for in play. I'd like you to work together to get a bunch of shared flaws.
Deadline: Soonish?
Campaign Description:

The setting is simply this: your characters serve as a crew for a merchant house that is run by House Mercere (but I could be willing to add others). You are based out of Leith (Scotland), but often visit the neighbouring Tribunals. Your merchant house has rivals, as does your covenant, which will be described in coming posts, but are left flexible for now in case someone really wants a particular story flaw (we really only have enough mental space for a few big villains).

Where are the magi?: You can have magi, provided they suit this setting. If you want a magus who stays in his tower all of the time to study his books, then this isn't, perhaps, the game for you. So, if you want the vessel to have space for three or four or five magi, we can do that, sure...provided you have a good reason for them to choose this life. You can have magi "back at HQ" if you like, and roll them out for certain stories, too. My point is, you can play a magus if you like, but if you want to instead play a useful companion then I think you may get quite a bit more play.

It would be best to develop concepts co-operatively (for example, there's no point in three people asking to be captain).


Would it be possible to have a magus on board as the ship's doctor, a la Maturin from the "Master and Commander" books / film? He'd have taken a place aboard ship for the opportunity to travel, study, and gain exposure to a wide variety of both natural and supernatural phenomena.


Sure, I'm fine with that.