Ars Magica 5th: The Shores of Albion (4-6 players)

If you can't tell from the title, this is a Stonehenge saga :slight_smile: I hope to start as soon as we have enough players.

Young magi are contacted from across Mythic Europe to revitalise a once-powerful Summer covenant, that recently fell into premature Winter following the disappearance of four of its six magi. While the vis is scarce-to-nonexistent, the library is one of the best in the world, and might just be enough to lure in young magi with the promise of a fresh start, out from under their parentes...

Characters should be created as newly-gauntleted magi; however, by the time the characters enter into the story, they will be 4-7 years out of gauntlet. Post-gauntlet advancement will be handled on an individual basis; if you're coming from Durenmar or Doissetep, you're going to have better advancement than a Hedgie wanderer, but I will do what I can to equalise things for those of us who prefer non-Latinate traditions.

Almost all character types are welcome, with the exception that no one should start as a Quaesitor. It is okay to play an Intellego-focused mage who aspires to earn a Quaesitorial rank, and you can play a Guernicus who has not yet earned their Quaesitorial certificate, but no active Quaesitores-in-good-standing at game start. Bear in mind that Stonehenge is largely Ex Misc and Mystery Cults, but since your characters may be coming from outside the Tribunal you can choose more or less any house you please. Additionally, you should know that one of the two NPC magi at the saga start, is strongly biased against Bonisagi, so be forewarned that should you wish to join the campaign as a Bonisagus, it will cause your character some political problems, and essentially give you a free Story flaw. (Yay for extra story hooks!)

Players will have some say in the covenant itself prior to game start.

MECHANICS: For anything requiring dice rolls, players will describe what their characters are attempting within parenthesis, in italics. SG will handle dice, and then post its resolution. Exempli gratia:

[Niall] Darius scowls and points his staff at the Order of Odin witch. He shouts, "CREO IGNEM!" (I am casting Ball of Abysmal Flame.)
[Arya] Darius rolls a 7, for a casting total of 76, which gives him 42 points of penetration. The Nordic witch howls in pain, and crumples to the ground, defeated. "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you pesky magi and that damn familiar!"

House rules: Archery skills use Perception rather than Dexterity; Spontaneous magic uses Intelligence rather than Stamina. Longevity rituals do not inflict warping. ALL Mercere are blood descendants of the Founder. Mercurian Magic belongs to House Mercere and can only be learned by a non-Merceris if taught by a Mercere. Bjornaer can bind familiars, they simply don't; a Bjornaer PC who breaks this stigma may receive some backlash from his House, but it CAN happen. Additionally I'll be using old 4th ed rules for book quality.

Posting: I would prefer an active game over a stagnant one, though of course we all have things to do in the real world that take up time. If everyone can post once a day that'd be fantastic. If you are going to be gone for a while, just let me know beforehand so I can write you out of any stories in a plausible manner.

Writing Expectations: Story experience and Confidence awards will be heavily influenced by how creative you are and how well you write.

Text Formatting: There will be separate OOC threads where anything goes. For IC threads, any game mechanics notes should be put in italics. Any OOC notes should go within double parenthesis.

Plot-driven vs. Character-driven: While I do have an overall story I'd like to tell, the world is dynamic and the characters' actions will affect the world around them. The more active role the characters take, the more influence the characters will have over the saga.

Game Style: Combat light, interpersonal interactions heavy. If all players have some kind of instant messaging client, that would be helpful for resolving combats when they do occur, but this is a bonus, not a necessity.

This sounds interesting. I'd be keen to play if there is space. I'm a relatively new player, but apt to learn more of the game system and setting.

Hmmm I never played in a pbp before, but I think this would be a good place to start - being set in a familiar tribunal and having relatively young magi (a plus as far as I'm concerned).

Let me know if you'll accept me as a player.

Yes to both of you!

Posting to make sure Arya doesn't forget me :wink:

This sounds very interesting to me as well. It's been a while since I played Ars Magica and I have never played it PbP, but I know enough to pick it up again as the game goes.

That is if there is still room for another player of course?

Can I play Valten filius Philipius Niger of Flambeau?

I'm not familiar with the character, but if it's one you've played before, you will probably have to rebuild him from gauntlet.

Oh, he will be rebuilt. Nota problem. The question is if you would allow me to be the filius of Philipis Niger :smiley:

I don't see why not. But I'd strongly recommend against taking Tormenting Master, in that case :slight_smile:

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Hi. I don't suppose you might still have room? I'm an old 3rd and 4th edition player who's been looking for a chance to try out 5th ed.

We're full on magi, but if you'd like to play a Companion you are welcome either to claim one of the existing NPCs that would make for a good Companion, or come up with something entirely new! If you play something new, the character would need to have some kind of connection to at least one of the magi (basically, a reason for them to be loyal to the covenant).

With a couple players MIA, this saga currently has room for one more, if any are interested.

I'm interested. It is only my second time playing, so I'm inexperienced.

Still have room for one more.

I'm definitely interested! I love the non-Roman traditions. I'd like to play either a Bjornaer, a Craft Magus or a Pharmacopean.

Any of these work?

Any chance there might be room for one more?