Ars Magica: a new birth (slight variant game set in Wales)(4-6 players)

Hello everyone!

I am hoping to run a game of Ars Magica set in wales in 1220, using a slight variant of the ars magica background.

Campaign Title: A New Birth
System: Ars Magica, Fifth Edition
Setting: Wales
Players Wanted: I want 4-6 players
Posting Rate: 2 to 4 times a week
Combat Rules: Really obvious fights we can eyeball, otherwise people find a time to meet on discord and work it through or gives me a combat brief and I work it through.
Dice Rules: Rice rolling app in discord
Advancement Rules: pretty standard. Generally, 1 adventure a year, and your magi might not be in all of them.
Special Rules: Mostly RAW and current cannon. This will be discussed with the players.

Deadline: one month,


The change is that in the schism war, House diedre took a fair few members of the other houses with them (most notably Guirnicus, Ex Misc and Merinita, but some members of most houses) and thus burned a lot hotter and longer. The Order still won, but it was a close-run thing.

The upshot of this is that Wales was the last stronghold of the enemy, being a large defensive space around Anglesey, which had become their last bastion. When the war was eventually won, wales remained an unsafe space. Some curse was levied on the territory of wales which caused wizards in the area to start to gain warping unusually quickly and entering twilight.

The order of Hermes abandoned the area and cordoned it off. Periodically, a magus would enter the area briefly, to see if the curse remains. The last one to do this returned with the happy news that the curse seems to have been broken. Wales has become open to hermetic re occupation.

However, for the older magi, Wales is a boogeyman. People sent there disappeared. Few to none of them want to go back until they are sure it is safe and not just a subtle trap. As such a plan was conceived: send in some newly gauntleted magi!

This became an expedition with some backing of the order of hermes, and the players will be these newly gauntleted magi and their companions. They will push into Wales and reclaim it for the order.

The game will be a medium vis saga, with a plan to have one adventure a year (ish) and some minor adventures if they are needed for other player actions.

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I'd be open for playing in this game, since I've no obligations at the moment.

I'm providing a small character draft of a magus I'm willing to play, without the backstory at the moment.

I'd be interested in playing in this. I think I'll make a Pralician.

@VanSilke can you grant me access? Thanks.

@Plot_Device sounds good

@StephenFleetwood Sorry about that! It should now be set for anyone to see.

I'd be interested as well.

@Thunder_Hammer great!

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I'm curious to play a Tytalus blowhard from the Normandy Tribunal who has something to prove.

@VanSilke Do you have a blank character sheet to share? I'd be curious to use that for keeping track of my Magus PC.

I have a Google doc with autocalcs I can share as well

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Most definitely, I do. Please feel free to copy it for yourself. If you're having any issues, let me know.

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This sounds great, and you seem to have a good core of people signing up already. I would propose an elementalist Flambeau focusing on Muto, hopefully getting Elemental Magic to work well, with a definite exploration bent in mind.

@VanSilke Thanks for sharing.

@StephenFleetwood Do you have any character creation preferences for Magi, Companions or Grogs?

i.e. Minimum Magus age etc? Story flaws you are not interested in using?

Any house rules? (i.e. Adventure xp is bonus to seasonal advancement?)

A couple, yeah.

Everyone has a magus They are newly gauntleted. As in no seasons past gauntlet.

Everyone had a companion. These should not be people who your magus wants to interact with a lot. They do not have to be another mages companion as such, as the order is sending some specialists with the new covenant.

One grog can be something a bit cheesy if you want (though no failed apprentices), one should be a shield grog.

Have one character who can meaningfully engage in action adventure. There will be action adventures.

General xp spending:

Latin 4 is fine for hermetic use.
You should have an area lore for anywhere you have lived.
You should have organisational lore for any organisation you are part of.
Magic lore and faerie lore are important.
The local language is Welsh. Someone should speak it, who can speak to the rest of the party.

House rules will be up for a vote with players.

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When it comes to Magi, one of the items I am curious about is at what minimum age is "reasonable" for apprenticeship? Some SG's say 5, others say 7, as per recommendations in the core rulebook... Meaning the youngest a Magus can usually be is 22, unless there's some backstory. I'm just curious how flexible you want to be with that?

If a Magus has a spouse, should that character be a grog or companion? Are any virtues or flaws necessary for that relationship?

Minimum is 5. Most will be about 7ish. The spouse should be a grog (assuming they are not a wizard or something) if they are not as capable. They might be a dependant flaw for the magus, depending on their competence.

Also, just remembered: no magic beings, faeries or mythic companions, please.

Sounds great, I'll keep those points in mind!

Where do you want us posting characters? I don't think we have a Campaign Forum/Post thingie setup yet.

The server for the game is here:

I am just setting it up!

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Are you still looking for players? I am interested.

We have started, but I will ask my players if they mind adding someone