Ars Magica and Open Licensing

My intent is to publically release "Analysis Hermetica", or "Atomization of Hermetic Theory", a reimagining of the system.

Improved combat and project management, most of the rules as centralized as can be.

Beyond all, meta-guidelines for making spells, produced in great detail that covers most common cases. This would include custom effects, parameters, even magic traditions.


I'd love to see a summation of combat. Call it something like blood and iron.

Resolve all the endless arguments regarding combat.
Do wound penalties affect the soak roll against magical damage?
Is there a wound penalty cap, and if so, is it -10.
Surprise, how does it work? 0 defence? If one is wounded, do you get 0 defence and then the wound penalty, or just 0. If the surprise is bad enough, does it require a roll, or does the SG say you kill him in his sleep and move on?
I could throw in more questions.

It could be tiny. I don't need rules about the stat different between a bec-de-corbin and a guissarme, all I want is a comprehensive, collected in 1 place concise summary of how people hurt others and get hurt.


This sounds incredibly interesting!!

I'd love to share my current musings with you and anyone interested, just let me know how to get to you. If you frequent Discord for example, that would be a good place for feedback (I can readily and easily talk there without much delay)

I already write novels, and Ars 5th is my absolute favorite system. I would love to be able to make "how-to" videos like NoNat1s does for Pathfinder 2e and several people do for 5th D&D, and also write Ars-based novels. I can think of so many ideas for this world!


Sadly I don't frequent Discord, not enough time on my hands :laughing:

You can either post about it here, or PM me about it, whatever you prefer (though I obviously would understand if typing it felt cumbersome to you).

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He already did, here.

Way too atomic for my taste. I can't stop the feeling that magic itself get lost if we get to that level of detail though I imagine someone else might find it useful.

I have been tinkering with it for a long time, and it has since expanded into a general system overhaul. I agree that the granular approach to spell guidelines is an acquired taste... I'll probably revisit them at some point, to see what can be done there.

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