Atomization of Hermetic Theory - homebrew

With new year I've decided to come out of the shadows and post a work-in-progress project that attempts to atomize and re-organize hermetic guidelines.

Link to the index document:

I will occasionally bump the thread with updates or edits to the main post, but I'm hoping for fruitful discussion. I'd even openly beg you all for feedback, wherever possible!...but also keep in mind that it's still flawed and unfinished.

If anything there disturbs the copyright, I'll remove the offending parts or in worst case, abandon the project.

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not sure you are "atomizing" anything, but well can't show it without trying.

About the ability change chapter, please note than accelerated vs basic ability score to cost translate to approximately a *2 factor for accelerated ability bonus.

don't know if i am clear but see the following table

ability score(cost in xp) => xp equivalent accelerated ability level
1(5) => 2
2(15)* => 5
3(30) => 7
4(50) => 9
5(75) => 11
6(105)* => 14
7(140) => 16
8(180) => 18
9(225) => 20
10(275) => 22
11(330)* => 25
12(390) => 27
13(455) => 29
14(525) => 31
15(600)* => 34

(* show levels translating to +3 rather than +2)

So removing accelerated from art progress and using art level*2 for lab total, casting total and magic resistance wouldn't change things too much.

Thank you for this input. I've honestly been unsure of the legitimacy of changing how Arts are counted, so I might leave them as is in core. Your feedback further tells me to just let that pet peeve go.

Added basic Intellego functionality. I expect the quality to raise next month